The citizens of Simferopol are indignant because of the bad quality conditions of the roads in their city. The citizens condemn the municipal administration mainly because there is no reconditioning of roads. Moreover, after rains, there are no roads at all, there are only pits with rivers, instead.

‘We would like to address the Municipal Administration one more time again and ask them when they are going to make the reconditioning of the road in our street. We are talking about the Central Street in Gurzuf Region. During the last two or three years, I addressed the Administration, asking them to give me a response on the above mentioned problem. Instead, I am only receiving noncommittal answers reporting: ‘Wait a bit. The reconditioning of the roads will be made the next year’. Now, the rainy season will start. That is good for the city, of cause, but not for our street as far as for it that is a disaster. It is impossible just to walk on the street during the rain. We are looking forward to receive a reasonable and intelligible response to get to know when the reconditioning of the road in Central Street is made’, a citizen of Simferopol reports in the social networks.