The Russia-controlled Crimean Supreme Court has dismissed appeal against extended arrest of Ukrainian serviceman Yevhen Dobrynskyi.

‘At the hearing, I insisted on the arguments of my appeal, asking to substitute the preventive measure with a milder one.  My defendant also supported the appeal. He explained to the court that he had a dependant disabled blind mother and requested to change the preventive measure to be able to keep in touch her’, Dobrynskyi’s lawyer Islyam Velilyaev said.

He added that the court heard but ignoredthe defence.

‘The Crimean Supreme Court confirmed and upheld the ruling of Simferopol’s Kyiv District Court of 26 June. This means that Dobrynsky is remanded in custody until 1 September 2020’, said Velilyaev and added he had a chance to talk to Dobrynskyi before and after the trial.

 ‘Yevhen’s fine. He’s been put to a special unit with video surveillance. His cellmate is also a Ukrainian citizen. Yevhen has no problems with him’, the lawyer said.

To recap, the Ukrainian Military Law-Enforcement Service reported that on 30 May at around 5 a.m. a Ukrainian serviceman had gone missing at the administrative boundary line between Russia-occupied Crimea and Kherson region near Chonhar.

Several days later, Russia’s FSB made a statement saying the Ukrainian serviceman had been detained and charged with illegal entering Russia. Criminal proceeding was initiated.

On 3 June, it became known that the Kremlin-controlled court in Simferopol had taken the Ukrainian serviceman into custody for one month till 1 July.

Dobrynskyi’s defence appealed against the decision.