According to information from the «Synapse» purshase site, the «Artek» camp controlled by the invaders, buys sniper, conventional and air rifles, as well as belts for machine guns. Why would a children`s health camp need a sniper rifle and a belt for a Kalashnikov assault rifle?

The «official purchase» of weapons by the «Artek» center states that it has completely become a place for the forced militarization of children, which is a crime in the civilized world. Moreover, in «Artek» now they teach young Crimeans to kill «enemies of the Russian world», violating the international rules of occupation.

The purchase of weapons by the «Federal State Budget Educational Unit “International Youth Center Artek”» is most likely carried out for the needs of «Yunarmiya» («Youth Army»), which has been a mandatory part of the stay of children in «Artek» since 2016.

In the summer of 2016, Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov and Russian Olympic champion Dmitry Sautin officially opened a building in «Artek» for training under the «Youth Army». Since then, all newly arrived children have been obliged to read lectures about «Russia, surrounded by a ring of enemies», «geographical discoveries of Russian travelers» and «the need to include all these lands in the Russian Federation».

The lectures are accompanied by master classes on assembling and disassembling a Kalashnikov assault rifle, children undergo special training, and then shooting takes place in «Artek». Militants of the «Ministry of Internal Affairs», «Rosgvardia» and the FSB often come to «Artek» to show the children how to «kill enemies in the shithouse». However, the obviously planned organization of a sniper school in «Artek» finally turns the former children’s health resort into a military unit.