Russian media resources are actively spreading “news” about the alleged robbery of the singer Sofia Rotaru worth six million rubles, in her villa located in the Yalta village of Nikita. The 73-year-old pop-artist has owned this property since Soviet times and for a long time, in particular after 2014, she actively visited this villa.

Sofia Rotaru was already actively doing business in the occupied Crimea, in particular in the center of Yalta a luxury hotel “Villa Sofia” functioned under her control. But in 2019, the alleged “persecution” of the singer began in the Russian Federation, the formal reason for which was the cancellation of Rotaru’s Russian concerts in November-December 2018 after the ‘Kerch Incident’ and martial law, imposed then in Ukraine, as well as the subsequent attempt by the singer to return to the Russian pop business later.

In this situation, the hotel “Villa Sofia” stopped working from the beginning of 2020, announcing the allegedly “renovation”. This was explained both by the indicated possible change in the attitude towards Rotaru by the Russian authorities, and by the Ukrainian citizenship of the hotel owners, which, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation introduced in 2020, led to the risks of “nationalization” of Rotaru’s real estate in Crimea.

It is noteworthy that the “robbery” described in the “news” allegedly took place two or three years ago, but when it was actually revealed, and what was the reaction of the occupation “power” to it, is not reported. Russian propaganda only says that a maid and a gardener are now appearing sometimes in the Rotaru’s mansion, and that this villa is allegedly put up for sale by Rotaru in accordance with the occupation “legislation”. It can be assumed that the news of the “robbery” is a further form of pressure from the Russian invaders on the singer, as well as a way to take control of her property as part of the “crime investigation”.