On January 14th, 2020, the detectives from Melitopol State Bureau of Investigation passed to court the criminal proceedings against Sergey Nikolayevich Kolbin born in 1969 and being a commander of Sevastopol BERKUT during the events at Kyiv Maidan.

The investigation found out that, from February 27th to March 20th, 2014, the militiaman and the personnel of the company BERKUT, which was subordinated to him, organized a check-up of the documents of the citizens and their vehicles at the checkpoint Chongar not to provide an access for the representatives of the UNO and OSCE as well as the employees of the public and law enforcement authorities onto the territory of Crimea. Such actions were aimed at providing an unhampered illegal referendum held in Crimea. 

In October 2020, the presidium of the faction United Russia, at the Legislative Meeting of Sevastopol, made a decision to propose Sergey Kolbin, the deputy of the Legislative Meeting, for a senator from the legislative authority.  On October 29th, at the unscheduled plenary session, voting for the adoption of the senator took place as far as the office of the senator representing the Legislative Meeting of Sevastopol had become vacant. 

It is interesting that, after sending the official messages from Melitopol, Mr. Kolbin stated in the public eye, on the TV-channel NTS, that, allegedly, it was not him who was the prisoner at the bar. It was Aleksandr Cherednichenko who was to be tried for the high treason as far as it is the surname Cherednichenko that was mentioned in the order signed by the Chairman of the Coordination Council for Life Support of Sevastopol in 2014.

Although, the review of Kolbin’s official profile on the site of the Legislative Meeting in Sevastopol proves that it was Mr. Kolbin who, from September 2004 to the year 2014, was a commander of Sevastopol subdivision BERKUT and became a Head of the Department of the Federal Service of the RF National Guard’s Troops in Sevastopol, in 2016.  As far as the occupying structures were reorganized, Mr. Kolbin has become a deputy chief of the Main Department of the RF National Guard’s Troops in Republic of Crimea and the head of the Department of the Coordination of the Activity of the Subdivision of the Federal Service of the RF National Guard’s Troops in Sevastopol, since 2018. To put in other words, the traitor keeps on servicing the occupants.

Perhaps, the ARK readers will be interested in the fact confirming that, in 2008, Ukrainian militiaman Sergey Kolbin graduated from the Academy of Work and Social Relations of the Educational Institution of Trade Unions located in Moscow. It is that school which Ksenia Nikolayevna Dorofeyeva graduated from. The lady was born in 1970 and was a famous collaborate of the closer circle of Leonid Grach whose deeds our site has commented on many times.  Certainly, with the lapse of time, much more information will be disclosed. It will tell us about the masterminds from the above mentioned educational institution connected with the Russian secret services. That will add the missing fragments into the mosaic of the overall picture. As for now, it is worth adding that the Russian Federation brings new Crimean collaborates inside its parliament. It does that, first of all, for promoting its own concept of the ‘recognition of the Crimea as a part of Russia’ within the inter-Parliamentary dialogue.  

Such citizens of Crimea as Ruslan Balbek, Olga Kovitidi, Natalia Poklonskaya, and Sergey Tsekov, who have been brought into the State DUMA and the Council of the Federation, possess, as we found out, a pre-2014 trail of a commonly criminal records, which is so evident, that they have become useless for the external tasks of the Russian Federation thanks to their excessive toxicity.   At present, on various international platforms, we must expect that the aggressor will promote the heroic BERKUT soldier who had got into a pretty mess before 2014 and was shell-shocked on Maidan’s front lines.