In occupied Yalta, Zolotoy Beach has been polluted with sewage. It gets into the sea through the sewerage from the local 400-seat health centre. Earlier, that beach on the southern coast of Crimea was considered to be one of the cleanest. Nevertheless, at present, the local people and tourists are astonished by the events happening there as far as the streams of sewage are being poured out into the sea.

‘Firstly, water flows; secondly, it is a specific stink of sewerage, urine, and other substances in the air. Right here, literally yesterday, one could observe a strong pour flowing and the odour of soap mixed with a yellow and brown substance, you know, all that shit out of human bodies’, the locals exclaim.    

There is a functioning health centre above the beach. Each tourist complex of that kind is equipped with a water discharge system including a pump and a reservoir for liquid accumulation. Though, because of a mud slide, the main tank with sewage has broken, so everything is pouring out of the crack and into the Black Sea today. The hydraulic power pack for swap of waste waters has already been out of work for six years.  

In addition, the occupying local authorities put the blame on other agencies, switching from person to person. The Service of Permanent Construction states that the broken hydraulic power pack doesn’t belong to them, so the people have to address the municipal administration. The municipal administration, in their turn, sent the letters to the so-called Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. As for now, however, the beach, which has been of the cleanest beaches, turns Yalta into a fecal resort.