On October 26, some persons broked into the household of Mr. Gera Rushkis, a resident of occupied Yalta (Gaspra settlement), introducing themselves as the employees of the “Crimea 24” TV channel. Those persons stated by order to Mr. Rushkis that they will interview and videotape him in his residence. This Yalta resident asked “guests”, who illegally entered his home, to leave the private territory. In response, Rushkis was beaten by “journalists” and suffered a head injury. The victim attributes this “journalists’” attack to the fact that the “border of the nature reserve” passes near his house. It is probable that the “Crimea 24” TV channel, as the occupiers’ information service, intended to make the plot that justifies next allocation of nature protected areas for illegal construction.

We will remind that “the State Television and Radio Company” “Crimea 24” is the information resource controlled by the “Head of the Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov, and the “director” of this structure, Mr. Oleg Kryuchkov is Aksyonov’s personal propagandist. The constant waste of “budget funds”, the peculiar atmosphere in the team and the regular obviously false stories of “Crimea 24” have repeatedly caused scandals and formed the appropriate attitude of the population of the occupied Crimea to this “TV channel”. For example, in 2019, the labour conflict over the actions of Mr. Kryuchkov to dismiss employees of the “TV channel” ended with the fact that his former channel’s subordinate Mr. Denis Symonenko inflicted bodily injuries on Mr. Kryuchkov. Therefore, the current conflict in Yalta, related to the channel “Crimea 24” activities, no longer surprises the Crimean residents.