The Representative Office of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is worried about the critical humanitarian situation on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula (Kryms’kyy Pivostriv) due to the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19. That fact was reported on the official page of the Representative Office in Facebook.

It is also highlighted that, in spite of the policy of the occupying administrations and occupant-state, i.e. the Russian Federation, aimed at suppressing the freedom of speech and free spread of information, and thanks to the publications in the social networks, communication with the citizens of Crimea as well as the assessment of the petitions to the Representative Office, we found out about the most difficult challenges concerning the pandemic, such as the absence of the beds for the treatment of the patients with COVID-19, the refusal from the hospitalization of the patients who are severely ill;

— the transportation of the patients with COVID-19 from the hospitals to the health centers, in which the patients are abandoned without any medical care;

— the absence of any possibility of the medical and/or tests at one’s own request;

— the absence of the access to the emergency; the ambulance can arrive in not less than within 15 hours);

— the absence of any essential medicines in the drug-stores for the treatment for COVID -19; that makes the outdoor treatment impossible;

— the distortion of the statistics of the diseases initiated by the occupying administrations,  a manual and purposeful manipulation of the statistic data due to the limited access to the tests;

— the absence of the objective information on the risks related with COVID -19;

— the lack of any proper control on the observance of the rules concerning the use of the personal hygiene means of self-defense and quarantine measures introduced in the public places as well as the places of massive concourse, etc.

‘Due to the above mentioned facts,  the Representative Office of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea condemns the actions of the occupying authorities of the Russian Federation and considers it is necessary to respond to the challenges related with the humanitarian crisis on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula in order to fight the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID – 19. The possible respond to the crisis could be the creation of the access of the citizens living the temporarily occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, within a format of on-line consultation with the family physicians,  the transportation of the drug-store checkpoints with necessary medications to the entrance-and-exit checkpoints as well as a high amount of attention of the international partners to the violations done by the Russian Federation, i.e. an occupant-state, against its own obligations on the defense of the civilians, and Ukrainian law enforcement authorities’ documenting the certain violations done by the representatives of the occupant-state’, the message reports.