In the social networks, the Crimean Tatars sound alarms about the silent humanitarian disaster, which is in a full swing in occupied Crimea nowadays. In the hospitals, the quantity of the Crimean Tatars among those who have been diagnosed with COVID -19 and hospitalized reaches 70%-80%. In spite of the fact that on the peninsula the mentioned native population is 15%-20% maximum.

‘We do not know what the real death rate indices are, but we are suffering heavy losses. Our national patrimony, our old people are passing away. We are losing a mature, intelligent, and powerful national elite as far as most it are those belonging to the risk group. The losses of the last months have shocked us. And that is not the end. Now, it is only the health care workers, volunteers,  and relatives who are fighting for the human lives. Nobody else needs the patients’, writes Nadj Femi  on her page in Facebook.

At the same time, one can notice that there is a lack of necessary medications in the drug-stores.  ‘It got to a point where the volunteers can buy back from the population the ampoules from the open packs if there are people who have recovered or kicked the bucket’, the user of the social network also adds with anguish and reprimand