The “ARC” experts learned that in February-March 2020, the local elderly civil activist Viktor Cherkasov, who had been fighting the land mafia alone for many years, was killed in Yalta. Cherkasov was a well-known personality in Big Yalta, because for many years in a row he came every week to receptions at the occupation “prosecutor’s office” and the “Ministry of Internal Affairs”. For hundreds of applications to the “authorities” Cherkasov was given hundreds of replies about nothing, but the elderly man stubbornly walked through the authorities and told the “officials” in their dead eyes that his rights had been violated, that he had been beaten and robbed, and demanded that justice be restored.

In early 2020, in the village of Krasnokamenka, Big Yalta, they began to say that Cherkasov wanted to rewrite his remaining land to his daughter living in the mainland of Ukraine. We were also told that at the beginning of 2020 a miracle happened and the local so-called “court” made a kind of interim decision in the interests of Viktor Cherkasov. Soon after that, the corpse of a pensioner was found in Krasnokamenka in his simple garden, but the news about it appered just now. Modern rumors spread throughout the village that the pensioner had been poisoned with an unknown substance, some kind of budget analogue of the “novice”. This version is supported by the fact that the death of Cherkasov, a well-known truth-seeker in Yalta, was carefully hushed up.

Local media and the occupation authorities are trying to forget that in August 2017 Cherkasov gave a long interview to the “Primechaniya” website, where he told exactly which areas in Krasnokamenka were illegally seized by the “heroes of the Crimean Spring” – the “Head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov, “Deputy Prime Minister, State Duma Deputy” Mikhail Sheremet, “prosecutor” Natalya Poklonskaya, one of the leaders of the criminal group “Seylem” Oleg Borodkin, curator of the “self-defense of Crimea” Igor Burmistrov [1]. The pensioner, desperate to achieve justice, then repeatedly talked about the construction of cottages by the “heroes of the Crimean spring” and in other interviews, which could have caused the command of the invaders to eliminate him.

Recall that “Villas in Krasnokamenka” is the scandalous story known in Crimea, which began with the fact that the former mayor of Gurzuf, Andrei Sandul, under the conditions of the beginning of the occupation, with the help of the Ukrainian seal of the Gurzuf City Council “retroactively” cut several hectares of expensive land with a view of the Ayu-Dag under the elite settlement “to the savior of the Crimean people” Aksenov and his accomplices [2]. Shortly thereafter, after traveling in the same plane with the Yalta landlord Anatoly Motlokhov, Sandul mysteriously and suddenly died in November 2014 [3].

It is known that in 2016-2017, during the struggle of the clans of the Russian special services, the FSB group, unfriendly to Aksenov, documented the allocation of land in Krasnokamenka using forged documents and recorded the confessionary testimony of the “chairman of the Yalta City Council” Roman Derkach and “managers” Natalya Isaeva, who were personally involved in forgery of documents. But the Kremlin gave the command not to touch the “new bosses” of the peninsula and the case was closed, even, as they say, without traditional kickbacks. In impotent rage, the FSB officers laid out a part of the collected material through their flush cistern of “social activist” Alexander Talipov. But this did not have any fatal consequences for the persons involved in the scandal. Perhaps it was the fact that the village of Gurzuf is considered the fiefdom of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, who owns the “Sputnik” base and boarding houses there that have “escaped nationalization”, which means he patronizes local “officials” looking after the assets.

The deceased Cherkasov, who regularly reminded about the lawlessness of the land in Kranokamenka and wrote to the “authorities” on a weekly basis, greatly angered the local “elites”, who reached an agreement to “hush up history” with the allocation of land plots to the “new masters of life”.

It is also interesting that the aforementioned Roman Derkach was in conflict with the long-term head of Gurzuf Gamal, with whom Roman began his career in the land commission of the council. But both Gamal and Derkach forgot internal contradictions when meeting with the murdered Cherkasov, because they both hated the elderly truth-lover. The deceased personally told his trusted Yalta residents that Roman Derkach once in his hearts threw out: “You will not get your land, because I have already sold it”.

Therefore, it is very likely that Derkach and Gamal, as “local bosses”, loyal to the “Head of the Crimea” Aksenov, may be related to the mysterious death of Cherkasov. It should be noted that Cherkasov did not have a computer, Internet or smartphone. Fraudsters cut off most of his plot from him, leaving a couple of hundred square meters where Cherkasov lived in a hut without water, electricity, heating. Cherkasov was repeatedly beaten, his old Zaporozhets was beaten. But the pensioner did not give up and spent whole days writing by hand to all instances of complaints about the lawlessness. The news of the death of Viktor Cherkasov, which only became public in October 2020, caused a strong shock among ordinary Yalta residents.