In Simferopol, the former chairman and co-founder of one of the cooperative housing societies are accused of tricking the shareholders out of 10.5 mln. Russian roubles. It was reported in the press service of the so-called Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Crimea.

‘According to the version of the investigation department, acting according to the previous concert, pulling the wool over the eyes of the citizens who were going to purchase the flats, the accused concluded the sharing agreements, which might provide them with the right on receiving the apartments in their own possession upon completion of payment, in the house that was constructed in Aerofltotskaya Street in Simferopol. After doing so, they obtained a sum amounting tp 10.5 mln. Russian roubles from three victims being the members of the cooperative housing society. The villains provided the falsified cash receipt vouchers and receipts attached to them and personally made by them’, reported the message.   

As the agency subordinated to the Russian Federation informed, a criminal case was opened against the former chairman and cofounder of the previously mentioned cooperative housing society. The accused had used the funds tricked out by them at their pleasure. The criminal proceedings will be sent for the consideration of the Central Regional Court of Simferopol.