In Sevastopol, the Russian Defense Ministry will provide 4 dwelling houses for the servicemen of the Black Sea Fleet. It is reported by the Department Of The Intelligence And Mass Communication At The Ministry Of The Defense Of The Russian Federation.   

At the same time, for the period of the Russian occupation of Crimea, since 2014, about 20 thousand apartments were constructed for the servicemen, frontier guards, and the FSB workers on the territory of the peninsula. That indicates that Crimea is being actively built up with the settlements for the Russian servicemen. As a result, the people of Crimea face the problems related with a poor water supply in the occupied Crimea. 

Thus, the next 4 new dwelling houses will be provided by the Ministry of the Defense of the Russian Federation for the dwellers in November of the current year. In total, in the microdistrict, which is being constructed, they are going to erect 12 dwelling houses.