In Sevastopol, the dwellers of Gagarin district have been trying to get rid of the container with oversize bulky waste and take it away from the sports ground for about a year. The people of Sevastopol have turned to the specialist services and agencies many times, but they have never been heard.

The locals also point out that only one street-cleaner takes care of the territory, keeping it in a clean condition, and the wastes are taken to the sports ground specially, nights.

‘The street cleaners are not the ones who are responsible for keeping the hygiene of the place. They just change the container and go back. At night, a mister who makes profit out of it comes. He uploads his garbage removal truck next to the container, so an enormous island of wastes is formed around it. Everybody and his wife and those who know that place can bring and throw away their wastes over there’, report the residents of the city.

The people of Sevastopol have appealed on the violations of the hygienic standards to the Administration of Gagarin District, Municipal Services Department, and Regional Operator for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment many times. Nevertheless, their efforts have never resulted in getting an effective and rapid response.