U.S. edition Politico Magazine published the open letter of group of political leaders, experts and intellectuals from Ukraine and the diaspora feels compelled to contribute to the revived debate over U.S. policy toward Moscow. Experts pointed that all sorts of proposals to engage Russia in a “serious and sustained strategic dialogue” legitimizes Moscow’s claims only that it allegedly deserves special treatment as a “world superpower”.

Open letter points that Russia violates international law with behaviour that undermines global peace, including wars of aggression against its neighbours; apparent war crimes in Ukraine and Syria; nuclear threats against Ukraine and suspected nuclear proliferation in Russia-occupied Crimea; persecution of ethnic groups and other human rights violations.

Letter`s authors sharped that the feeble response to Russia’s initial occupation of Crimea emboldened Putin to illegally annex the Ukrainian peninsula, where the Kremlin also reportedly has revived nuclear weapons infrastructure. Experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea were among the co-authors of this Open letter.