On the backdrop of the growing coronavirus epidemic on the peninsula, the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov dismissed on September, 30 “the Minister of Health of the Republic of Crimea” Igor Chemodanov and announced the appointment of the “head physician” of the Semashko Hospital Alexander Ostapenko to this “position”. The rotations in the occupation administration are obviously connected with the loud statement of the Russian Accounts Chamber that the 120 billion roubles allocated by the Kremlin for the “maintenance” of the occupied Crimea “disappeared without any result”.

Hiding behind the coronavirus epidemic, Aksenov received additional funds from the Kremlin in the summer of 2020 and transferred 20.9 billion roubles of them for “development” to the “Ministry of Health”. These funds have naturally also been successfully “dissolved”. The current dismissal of Chemodanov reflects the Aksenov’s convulsive attempt to show his Kremlin curators that it is “not him, but the people on the ground”, who is stealing federal money on such a large scale.