The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has recently held an online conference to discuss possible extraction and development of freshwater in the Azov Sea area adjacent to Crimea to ensure uninterrupted freshwater supply to the occupied peninsula.

Participants of the conference discussed options for additional water supply to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and possible usage of groundwater in the Azov Sea and the adjacent land areas (the Arabat Spit). The so-called government of the Republic supported the proposal to explore the area for additional water resources. It was offered to prospect the Arabat Spit, where extraction of groundwater might be possible.

On 30 July, the Crimean Tatar Resource Centre held the 14th session of the Crimean Discussion Club supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Ukraine. During the webinar Environmental Crisis in the Occupied Crimea in the Context of the European Security System, experts discussed the scale of ecocide on the peninsula and prepared recommendations for the Ukrainian authorities.

They outlined actual economic and environmental problems of water use in Crimea caused by the occupation’s destructive plundering of the peninsula’s water resources and ecological collapse.

 ‘Water problems in Crimea are mainly due to invaders’ negligence in natural resource management. Such negligence leads to the aggressor’s frantic search and uncontrolled use of new water resources and destroys unique ecosystems, which would otherwise preserve in Crimea for ages. Without any canals’, said Borys Babin, Doctor of Law.