The appetites of developers, controlled by Russian punishers in Crimea, are growing. In the Yalta village of Massandra, the scandal erupts due to an attempt to destroy by the “mayor” Ivan Imgrunt, previously convicted of fraud with land in the Kuban, the Massandra children’s art school, opened by the Ukrainian authorities in 1996. Miraculously preserved during the occupation, the youth’s building in the green zone will be demolished soon in order to build a multi-storey residential building on this “perspective land plot” in the very center of this Yalta resort village.

By the end of September 2020, the inhabitants of Yalta and Massandra finally began to guess about the intention of the Russan invaders to destroy the children’s institution, that had been understood by experts long before. In social networks, in addition to the amusing demands to the “head of Crimea” Aksenov to fulfill the “promise” of repairing the Massandra school, you can also find comments that the occupiers will soon demolish the Yalta Cultural Center for multi-storey buildings in the same way. However, on the website of the school itself, we can see that during the occupation the institution is engaged not only in art, but also in forcing very young Yalta residents to perform Russian “victorious” songs, and for this the kids are dressed in military uniforms.

However, the desire of the occupiers to make money on construction made them sacrifice the opportunity to pump up Yalta children with propaganda of war and death for the ideals of the “Russian world”. The will to demolish the children’s school and build a high-rise in its place in 2019 was publicly announced by the leader of the “Crimean spring” Anatoly Motlokhov, the odious dollar millionaire, notorious in Massandra, who made his fortune on the barbaric “elite villas” constructing, destroying the village’s vineyards under the “roof” of the Moscow special services.

The arrest in March 2020 of Motlokhov’s closest comrade-in-arms, the Yalta “field commander” of the “Crimean Spring”, Vitaly Akhmetov, as we can see, has not yet affected Motlokhov’s appetites for developers. The lobbyist of the project is the “mayor of Yalta” Ivan Imgrunt, who is the spokesman for the interests of the clan of the “head of Crimea” Aksenov and the colleagues of Ivan’s relative, the “head” of the Crimean “FSB Directorate” Leonid Mikhailyuk, in this particular issue.

Interestingly, that when the Massandra residents saw the strange wooden beams near the troubleshooting building of the school, mistaking them for preparations for the reconstruction promised by the “authorities”. However, this actually became a preparation for the construction of another skyscraper for the colonialists, that is confirmed by the fact that there are no any “purchases” or “tenders” for the repair of a children’s institution in Russian registers. The only thing the occupants allocated money for this school was to pay for electricity and water for a modest amount of 26 thousand rubles. Thus, the ongoing massive attempt by the Russian invaders to destroy the social infrastructure of Yalta continues.