“Head of the administration” of Yalta Ivan Imgrunt, the kinsman of the “head of the Department of the FSB of Russia for the Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol” Leonid Mikhailyuk, on September 21, 2020 ordered “to withdraw from the municipal property” the Yalta communal bathhouse, located on Lomonosov street, 15, and to sell it for 15 million rubles to the limited liability company “Olymp”.

Persons from the “Yalta city council” associate this decision with the erstwhile and still unfulfilled desire of the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov to build another skyscraper in the Yalta city center next to the technologically dangerous high-rise building “Spartak” of his “sworn” partner, “speaker of the State Council of Crimea” Vladimir Konstantinov.

During the years of occupation, the Yalta communal bathhouse almost completely fell into decay and worked with increasing interruptions. Residents of Yalta many times demanded that the occupation “administration of Yalta” to repair one of the few public social facilities of the city, left since 2014. It is predictable that the occupiers ignored the demands of the population.

Yalta “Social activist” Anna Shaulskaya, coordinated by the rival gangster structure of the “Ministry of Internal Affairs of Crimea”, directly accused the FSB-puppet “mayor of Yalta” Imgrunt that in 2019 he spent the funds planned for the repair of the communal bathhouse on New Year’s decoration of Yalta, as the easiest way to launder the “budget” money.

The clear connection between the FSB dealers and the attempt to destroy the communal bathhouse is shown by the transfer of this object exactly to “Olimp” LLC, the owner of which is Nadezhda Olefir, the owner of the “Yalta–Gorka” and “Mishor–A -Petri” cable cars. Muscovite Olefir herself has repeatedly admitted running her business under the “umbrella” of the FSB, with the help of which she repulsed the attempts of the former “mayor of Yalta” Rostenko to seize the cable cars business.

Considering the family ties of the current “mayor of Yalta” Imgrunt with the “chekists” and his role in the hasty development of high-rise buildings in Yalta, we see that the FSB is striving to seize to the maximum the valuable land assets of the Southern Coast of Crimea. At the same time, the Russian “Gauleiter” of Crimea Aksenov and his groups of influence are gradually losing their previously maximum impact in these commercial issues, therefore they are forced to give a “piece of the pie” to other FSB clientele. So it is still unclear – which of the occupation administration’s bandit clans will get the opportunity to build and sell the high-rise building on the site of the former communal bathhouse.

The most cynical is that according to the current construction project, part of the bathhouse complex remains is planned to be converted into a spa on the first floors of a new high-rise building, exclusively for its wealthy residents. This once again confirms the current approach of the occupiers to organize exclusively “elite consumption” of water in Crimea, dryed up by Russia due to lack of management, militarization and artificial overpopulation.