In social networks, the citizens of Crimea are tirelessly publishing the pictures with the complaints on water the local authority makes them feel on top of the world. Thus, in microdistrict Kamenka, in Simferopol, drinking water delivered for the people had a strange colour.

‘Yesterday, after 4 day-lack of water, when the citizens called to the municipal Water and Sanitation Authority, they delivered water, which, as the water carrier driver said, was drinkable and met all the requirements. 200 litres were allotted for a family’, writes the blogger RoksolanaToday&Крым25% in Twitter.

It is worth mentioning, Simferopol, Simferopol and Bakhchisaray Regions have shifted to the hourly schedule of bulk water transport since August 24th.  Nowadays, 39 settlements of the peninsula are living in compliance with the schedule.  Since then, the Crimean citizens have complained on both the schedule irregularities and quality of running water itself.  In addition, remaining in the tanks delivered to the houses, drinking water starts being covered in algae and its quality gets bad.