On the occasion of Ukraine’s co-authorship in the UN Human Rights Council resolution on “Human Rights to Safe Water and Sanitation”, which notes the importance of access to safe, clean, drinking water for the realization of everyone’s rights, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry specified its position on Crimean water rights.

It is stated that under the Russian aggression and occupation of a part of the Ukrainian territory, the issue of access to water became especially important for our state.

It is stated that the overexploitation of the illegally expropriated industrial facilities and natural resources in the occupied Crimea threatens access to the drinking water for the population of the peninsula.

In addition,, the Russian occupation authorities need more and more water for the development of the military infrastructure and military industry facilities as well as military personnel build-up. 

The situation is complicated with the active relocation by the Russian Federation of its citizens to the occupied Crimea in order to change the demographic composition of the peninsula. These actions of the occupying power constitute a war crime and require proper reaction of the international community.

Therefore, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Russian Federation as an occupying power must ensure social and economic rights and needs of the population in the territories under its control, including basic sanitary and safe water. Russia bears full responsibility for the violations of such obligations as well as other norms of international humanitarian law and human rights law. The adoption of this Resolution will be another step towards ensuring such accountability.