The second day of the criminal “mobilization” announced by the Kremlin in took place in two “different realities” in the occupied Crimea.

On the one hand, the fake “authorities” of the Crimea “resolutely denied” statements that Crimean residents would not be allowed to pass through the “Kerch bridge” and promised, through the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov and “governor” Mykhailo Razvozhayev, to provide “assistance in 200 thousand rubles” to the “mobilized

Serhey Aksyonov also stated that the Crimean residents will allegedly be sent “to the military units of Sevastopol, where retraining and combat coordination will take place”.

At the same time, as experts report, the occupiers plan to “mobilize” hundreds of people from every Crimean town and settlement. As an example, it is stated that 300 “mobilized” people should be expelled from the village of Viline, Bakhchysarai District, and 500 from Alushta.

It is reported that teachers and salesmen were forcibly taken to the “military commissariats” directly from their workplaces, and that the occupiers set up “blockposts” in the Crimean countryside. It is noteworthy that the enemy “pays attention” to local collaborators as well, since the “municipal administration” of the same Alushta was given an “arrangement” of 24 “subpoenas” specifically for its “employees”.

In this dimension, as Crimean residents mock the aggressor on social networks, there is a prospect of “forming a battalion of city and municipal officials – these are young highly educated and ideologically trained people who will become the elite of the army”.

The expert of our Association, Boris Babin, noted that if the indicated figures are correct, “it is obvious that the occupiers plan to squeeze up to 30,000 people from Crimea and Sevastopol in the “first wave””.
The Crimean and Sevastopol “training grounds” for the retraining of such a crowd are known to be insufficient, and therefore the “mobilized” will either be taken to the “traditional” training grounds for the aggressor in the Rostov and Volgograd regions of Russia, or they will be sent directly to the front zone.
It is characteristic that in Sevastopol itself, where Aksyonov promised to send the Crimeans for “reconciliation”, the local “mobilized” were placed in tents against the sky.

But as the news reported today, this is not the first time that Aksyonov seeks to “master” funds from “volunteers” or “mobilization”, and therefore the declared “financing” of the mobilized has all the signs of a financial scam by the occupiers and collaborators. At the same time, just a day ago, that Aksyonov publicly asked the Kremlin for funds for “mobilization”.

Against this background, it is noteworthy that on September 22, the “journalist” of the propaganda channel “Crimea 24” Olga Kurlayeva called the “volunteers from Crimea” “Aksyonovites”, because allegedly “responsibility for provision, for food, for clothes, for equipment, for salaries is directly borne by the governor, who recruits these units, oversees them”.

We will remind that in reality no one created any “volunteer units” in the Crimea, despite Aksyonov’s repeated promises to “find funds” for their support, either from “federal subsidies” or from the “large banks”.

In this regard, certain Sevastopol collaborators began to “retrospectively” declare on social networks that they had allegedly since 2014 “only talked about the fact that the way of life in the fortress city should be rebuilt at least to the pre-war order – to restore the infrastructure of the naval bases, objects of civil defense”.

In response in the comments, more rational residents of the Russia-occupied city pointed out that in fact the collaborators “mainly talked about federal pensions and salaries and speculated about what they could buy” and “then envied the pensions of Muscovites”.

It was added that the overpopulation of the city did not depend on the people of Sevastopol and that the fake “clusters” promised by the occupiers were “a more profitable and high-profile business than converting smelly basements into bomb shelters”.