Olena Stadnik, culturologist
“Crimeans are participating in a special military operation, defending our Fatherland and the fraternal Ukrainian people, showing great courage and heroism. Unfortunately, there are dead among our fellow countrymen,” Sergey Aksyonov wrote criminally. I think he should have added: “I don’t even know how it could have happened!”.

I wrote about the occupied Crimea in June 2014. In Yalta, by that time, few people said, “Putin will come – he will put things in order.” The tattered posters “Crimea has returned to its native harbor” still hung, but it was already obvious that there was no special prosperity. Instead, the invaders dispersed the message “But we don’t have a war,” which some frightened people repeated like parrots.

Recently, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated: “After the successful actions taken by the Defense Forces in the Kherson direction, the enemy suffered significant losses in manpower. According to available information, the 810th separate brigade of the Marine Corps (a point of permanent deployment in the city of Sevastopol) lost almost 85% of its personnel”.

Russia has not yet learned to admit defeat and is lying to the whole world, and it seems to itself, hiding the real losses in this war. Journalists are forced to look for the corpses of Russians and collaborators in various Telegram channels.

In June of this year, Andrey Kartapolov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, said: “We have practically stopped losing people. The extreme figures released by the Ministry of Defense in March are 1,351 dead.” There are two options here: either they forgot to count, or they confessed that they only had nonhumans in the army.

The Russian service of the BBC tried its best and by September counted more than 6,024 Russian military men by those whom they managed to identify, find relatives, a grave or a sign on the school. They also found the dead from the occupied Crimea – 65 people.

“Estimates from the US intelligence community are in the region of 15,000 killed and about three times as many wounded,” CIA Director William Burns announced in July. “More than 25,000 Russian soldiers died. All in all, if you count the dead, prisoners of war, or the tens of thousands of deserters that are now being reported, then the loss of the Russian army is more than 80,000 dead, ”British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said this month. The Ukrainian General Staff is already giving more than 55 thousand.
What is happening specifically on the captured peninsula is even more incomprehensible. According to the Mission of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, “as of September 12, 2022, at least 147 soldiers of the Russian army have already been buried in the occupied Crimea. 72 of them were probably citizens of Ukraine. The number of burials may be higher, since a significant part occurs without lighting.”

Now in Russia you can see such headings as “74.RU is forced to remove the page in memory of the servicemen who died in Ukraine.” In the June text, this is explained by the fact that earlier a court in the Kaliningrad region “declared such a publication illegal” and explained that “the list of the dead is information revealing the loss of personnel.” The aggressor’s court also pointed out that “these data are classified as state secrets, disclosure of which may result in criminal liability”.

In 2014, in aggressor-captured Yalta, my words that the “peaceful occupation of Crimea” is the beginning of a big war did not produce the desired effect. It seemed that in the Crimea you can hide and sit out, not stick out and keep silent. People refused to believe that it was impossible to feed killers and hope that “small sacrifices” in Georgia, Syria or the Donbass would save you yourself.

When we talk about today’s losses from the Crimea, according to ARC experts, first of all we are talking about such formations of the aggressor as the “810th Separate Guards Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet” from Sevastopol and the “126th Separate Guards Coastal Defense Brigade”, dislocated in Perevalne village.

To be supposedly “part of Russia” is to understand that your children will fight and, accordingly, die. Now there have already been reports that in the occupied Crimea, in particular, at the bus station in Bakhchysarai, announcements were posted about the “acceptance of volunteers” in the 810th brigade. They allegedly promise training from the “best” military specialists, “a contract for six months / a year”, and “to receive from 185 to 255 thousand rubles a month”.

In the aggressor’s social network Vkontakte, you can see invaders’ announcements in the Kerch public: “Good day to everyone, recruitment is announced for the 810th Marine Brigade, Sevastopol. Details and questions in private messages”. In the news, this message can be seen immediately after the updates of the public, which reports the death of Nikita Korolev from the “810th brigade”, who graduated from college in 2019 with a degree in “electrical equipment repair and maintenance”. According to them, he allegedly “heroically held back the offensive of superior enemy forces in the Kherson region”.

However, allegedly “there is a choice” – you don’t like to die with the Marines, you can die with the “Wagnerites”. Vkontakte has a “representation” page for these “soldiers of failure” in the Crimea. There they criminally write the following: “A friendly team of volunteers working in the most responsible places is expanding the staff. You have definitely heard about us, aware of our reputation and success. The salary is like that of programmers, only without long years of training, planted eyesight and a sore back. The darkness of vacancies from the rear to the front line, air and air defense”.
There really is a nuance there, since the Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov said that the IT army of Ukraine obtained all the personal data of the mercenaries by hacking the website. Therefore, we hope that they are now “on a pencil”.

A video is circulating on the Internet that the oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is forming a “friendly team” of “Wagnerites” from prisoners. Reuters writes, citing a senior US Department of Defense official that the “Wagner” group is “trying to recruit more than 1,500 convicted felons”.

Our expert on the Crimea clarifies that there are no jails in the occupied Crimea. “Only easy mode one in Kerch. It is not known whether there is recruitment. Is not a fact. Because there are short jail terms. Who will agree?” At the same time, in the Telegram group from Krasnoperekopsk, you can already “enjoy” the “Wagner’s” advertisement to the song “I have a nightmare at night: a five-day period and a factory.”

At the same time, on another public page on September 18, we see messages from Marina Slepko: “Who has relatives from the 810th Marine Brigade of military unit 13140? Write to me please! Maybe you have a connection with your relatives, and through you I can find out something about my brother?” They are immediately looking for husband Alexander Khudoy from Krasnodar, who “went to serve in the 126th brigade”.

On September 15, Aksyonov already said “his” criminal opinion: “on the training of volunteers in the regions”, habitually lying that “Crimea has already fielded more than 1,200 volunteers and is forming two more battalions”.

In general, in the occupied Crimea there are many publications about the Second World War, and few about today’s losses. The dead are more precious than the living. And all because the old dead are profitable, they are invested in the myth of the “great victory”. And the new death is the collapse of the myth about the “special operation”, about the capture of Kyiv in two weeks, as Putin criminally said in September 2014 to the head of the European Commission.

Yesterday, Putin announced a “partial mobilization”. Then Shoigu spoke and clarified that he counted “5,937 dead” in the Russian army. Apparently, “more is needed”, so he added that “those who have served in the army, have a military specialty and combat experience are subject to mobilization”. In total, in Russia, in his opinion, there are 25 million soldiers.

In general, you can prepare an alarming backpack. Let me remind you that if you enter the aggressor’s “military commissariat”, you most likely will not be allowed to go home. Don’t forget your toothbrush and make yourself a badge just in case, it’s easier to identify.

“This empire, for all its immensity, is nothing but a prison, the key to which is in the hands of the emperor; such a state is alive only by victories and conquests, and in peacetime nothing can compare with the misfortune of its subjects – except for the misfortune of the sovereign. […] A person here knows neither the genuine social pleasures of enlightened minds, nor the undivided and rude freedom of a savage, nor the independence in actions characteristic of a semi-savage, a barbarian; I see no other reward for the misfortune of being born under such a regime, except for dreamy pride and the hope of dominating others: whenever I want to comprehend the moral life of people living in Russia, I return again and again to this passion. A Russian person thinks and lives like a soldier!.. Like a conquering soldier,” Marquis Astolphe de Custine wrote in his book “Russia in 1839”. The book was first banned in Russia, and in 1996 it was translated and published.

However, not all Crimean collaborators have read de Custine and therefore “think positively.” Therefore, one of the aggressor’s Crimean bloggers-propagandists wrote in the Telegram channel about the criminal “mobilization”: “And you were waiting for it. Here it is… And yes, Merry Virgin Mary’s Christmas, dear ones!”.

There is information that they want to “mobilize” 5,000 people in the Crimea. Borys Babin clarifies that 30,000 may be possible and says, “These will be unprepared “units”, like the “Donetsk” ones, which can be used as cannon fodder. And most importantly, this suggests that now men, including the Crimean residents, will not be able to leave – the aggressor will “close the border.”

This is also confirmed by the ‘Meduza’ expert: “Leaving the place of residence is prohibited. Conditionally, it is also impossible to move to grandmother to move to another area.” There is also talk that “if you cripple yourself, you won’t be sent to war”.

The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers wrote back in July that Crimea was preparing for mobilization when Aksyonov’s criminal “decree” was issued on the “creation of conscription commissions”.

The “Other Russia” of the late Limonov even wrote a “joyful” text on this occasion in which she stated criminally and literally “Comrades, we congratulate you on the start of a new World War! A total war against the Ukrainian state, which we have repeatedly called for, will inevitably provoke the reaction of countries hostile to us. New parties will be involved in the conflict, the redivision of the world will begin. The existing world order must and will be destroyed.” Also, the “Limonov” terrorists criminally suggested “not to wait for mobilization” in the Russian Federation and to apply “to Donetsk and Luhansk”, “directly”, because “National Bolsheviks are already serving there” and “the party will tell you which military units you should go to”.

In 2008 in Simferopol, Doctor of Philology Vladimir Orekhov published his monograph “The Myth of Russia in French Literature of the First Half of the 19th Century”. In general, this is a Ph.D. thesis, which Orekhov defended in 2001 at the Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Already in 2022, two more of his articles “The Russian Myth” and “The Complex of the Marquis de Custine” were published in two parts “Crimea and the Potemkin Villages”, and “The Northern Colossus in the Context of the Information War”.

We speak of myth as a form of collective thought. The entire civilized world watches with horror as Russia again, for some reason, went to war against a new country. Russians are dying either from poverty in Tuva, or from bullets near Kherson. In this context, Custine’s passages do not seem to be mere stereotypes.

“Lighted” Orekhov, however, insists on the opposite – all this is supposedly “a Western myth about Russia, which today has been turned into a powerful weapon of information warfare”. And “Napoleon’s propaganda apparatus” allegedly worked for this, and “general French stereotypes”. Starting with the Russian-Turkish wars, this collaborator writes, a “matrix of European perception” has been taking shape.
So this adherent of the “Russian world” comes to the present, where the West allegedly continues to form the “myth of aggressive Russia”, “just for some” massive cyber attacks in 2007 on Tallinn. Immediately, Orekhov laments that “2014 was the stage of the final resuscitation of the Russian myth in his “edited by de Custine and the era of the Cold War”, and that “finally, the “anti-Russian hysteria” was fueled in February 2022.”

Indeed, why would it?!

The Russians and the collaborators who joined them refuse to believe that as long as Russia does not go to war with someone, then nobody cares about Russia. My Lord, how many people are interested in Perm or Chelyabinsk?

Custine wrote: “The Russian Empire is a camp discipline instead of a state system, it is a state of siege elevated to the rank of a normal state of society.”
Oddly enough (actually not), Putin echoes him in his “mobilization” speech, criminally recalling the nuclear threat: “Those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind rose can turn in their direction” .

“The Muscovite state has always been considered by the surrounding world as an existential threat, since its expansion has always been irrational, illogical for a reasonable viewer. If other empires systematically enriched themselves with their universality, then Russia, on the contrary, has been consistently burning its own national wealth for the last four hundred years in an attempt to destroy neighboring countries. The internal model of the structure of the “Russian world” also does not provide for peaceful development and prosperity, just as a tank cabin or a submarine compartment is not designed for a constant busy life. Other “centers of power” somehow learned to exist at least in some general “rules of the game”. The Kremlin is stubborn in creating its own, alternative “reality”, “world morality” and “historical justice”. And as soon as we hear these words from Moscow diplomats, it means that soon they will kill, rape, torture, destroy a lot,” – expert Borys Babin notes about Orekhov, Putin and de Custine.

And while Orekhov is wasting paper, defending his curators’ “opinion” that when Russia sends soldiers to be slaughtered – this is just an allegedly “clichéd fact”, then other people are doing hard work.
The “Krym.Realii” media resource regularly tries to count the dead: May 2022: “Losses of the 810th brigade of the Russian Federation. What is known about the dead and those fighting?”, June – “It seemed that my death hour was about to come. New losses of the 810th Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia”, July – “Losses of the 810th Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation are increasingly difficult to hush up”, where they tried to identify the dead, September – “Harbor” for the 200s: they are quietly buried in Crimea: Russian military who died in Ukraine”.

In September, Eskender Bariev also wrote about the Crimean residents who came out on the side of Russia and, quite naturally, died: “As you know, traitors have no other fate,” he noted and gave a photo of Alexei Ishchenko from Alushta, Ilya Ivanov from the Belogorsky district, Alexander Krasnobaev from Kerch, and Maxim Zubkov from Sevastopol.

Videos with prisoners of origin from the Crimea are also leaking to the network to identify people and compile lists for exchange. For example, the entry for August with the “scout of the 810th brigade” Sarmanov Timur.

After the offensive of the Ukrainian army in the south, the death toll increases. On September 13, we read obituaries in the “Chernomorskiye Izvestiya” newspaper about young guys from the villages of Krasnoselske and Artemivka – Andrey Vetrov and Sergey Kuznetsov.

On August 28, a “child” born in 2001, Kirill Vytoptov, died in the Kherson direction. He was buried at the cemetery of the 5th kilometer in the church of the Great Martyr Barbara in Sevastopol.

Veronika Kravets from the Crimea also lost her eldest son Korolyov. She posts icons from the Mikhailovskaya Battery museum complex in Sevastopol, and also criminally invites the “guys” to join the BOSP, the “Brotherhood of Orthodox Scout Pathfinders”. Sounds almost like BDSM.
The funeral of another from the “810th brigade” was on September 19 in Shchelkino – Sergeant Yuri Popov. On September 3, Vladislav Trubar was buried in the Saki district, and on September 20, they said goodbye to Igor Konovalenko. In total, the Vkontakte “Marine Corps” group counted 86 dead from only “810th brigades”.

Olga Yusupova’s “touching message” is also circulating on the network: “I am a military wife, I moved to Crimea recently from Anapa, in 2021. Now we live in Sevastopol, my husband serves in the 810th separate marine brigade. After returning from a special operation, due to injuries, symptoms of PTSD began to appear. I would be very grateful for your help in finding a qualified psychologist.”

The fake “Youth Parliament of Sevastopol” is now tearfully mourning the death of the madman, 30-year-old “First Secretary of the Sevastopol City Komsomol Committee” Alexander Cheremenov. Komsomol, Karl, Komsomol! Cheremenov thus “died for the Komsomol”.

“Not wanting to put up with the existing injustice, he joined the ranks of the communist movement and devoted more than thirteen years to work in the ranks of the Communist Party and the Leninist Komsomol,” Sergey Bogatyrenko, “First Secretary” of the “Crimean Communists,” criminally declared at his funeral.

Everything that we read about Cheremnov does not fit into the framework of reason, because you remember drug addicts and costumers: “Members of the Sevastopol City Committee, the Crimean Republican Committee, members of the Komsomol organization of Sevastopol and Simferopol, representatives of the Union of Soviet Officers came to say goodbye to the hero.”

Cheremenov was a fake “communist candidate” for the criminal “deputies” of Sevastopol’s Ternivka settlement. Their web resource wrote then: “We, ordinary Crimean residents, are outraged by the inaction of the authorities of the peninsula! Prices are rising, the social sphere is deteriorating. Huge subsidies simply go nowhere.” And on October 4, they offered to join the protest action – “29 years ago, a tragedy occurred in Moscow that claimed dozens of lives of staunch defenders of the House of Soviets. We must pay tribute to the grateful memory of the defenders of Soviet power and the current Constitution, who fought to the end, but became innocent victims of the bloody Yeltsin execution in October 1993”.

Cheremenov’s death brought “a certain variety” to the Internet collaborators’ disputes. While some say goodbye to him with the words “Kingdom of heaven”, others are indignant: “Why does he need your kingdom of heaven, he was a Komsomol member, after all?!”, while others claim that “our Komsomol member was still a believer.”

While the Russian Zyuganov’s “official” communists criminally call for “expressing unanimous support for courageous actions … in conducting a special operation,” their other “colleagues in the shop” comment on Cheremenov’s death as follows: “War is always declared by the ruling classes. But classes without rights participate in battles. The masters of life get everything and lose nothing. Ordinary people get nothing and lose everything – first of all their lives.

But the editors of the occupiers’ newspaper “Sevastopolskaya Pravda” designed a photo booth dedicated to the ‘memory of Alexander Cheremnov”. The newspaper writes that he “took the most active part in the revival of the Komsomol and pioneer movement”, was a member of the Sevastopol invaders’ structures – “DOSAAF” and “Yunarmiya”, and also “worked as an adviser to the director of the school” in the same Ternovka.

The aggressor-controlled “DOSAAF Sports and Shooting Club”, as the occupiers criminally boast, “educates Yunarmiya members and teaches how to handle weapons.” Cheremenov periodically “came to congratulate them”. Note that the invaders’ “sports and shooting camps” are organized on the recommendation of Shoigu, including “on the basis of the Black Sea Higher Naval Order of the Red Star of the Nakhimov School” from the Russian invaders.

The Telegram channel “Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Free Russia”, referring to the criminal “order of the Ministry of Education of Crimea”, wrote back in August 2022: “Brainwashing. In Crimea, a propaganda program will be introduced in schools, so that children from childhood know what kind of fool they live in. It’s funny that for grades 10-11, recruitment into the army begins, because their topic of study will be “There is a profession – to defend the homeland”.

It is noteworthy that the “Komsomol member” Cheremnov himself, while still formally alive in March, wrote: “for the last couple of weeks I have noticed for the guys from different educational institutions a rejection of the history of the Russian spring”, which was covered with “a touch of bureaucracy and coercion”. According to him, Russia’s “visiters’ officials perceived and continue to perceive Sevastopol as nothing more than a springboard for personal career growth”.

Cheremenov was born on April 1, 1992, and he died obviously stupidly. So he devoted a lot of time to educating the youth. Can you imagine these “discussion clubs”, which raised especially significant topics for young people: “To drink or to live?”, “Who is a cultured person?”, “Who is a normal person?”. Cheremenov told people about how to be normal! Now, if he, for example, drank stolen Koktebel cognac with the “dissident” Ksenia Sobchak, maybe he would have remained alive.

There were “bright days” in the life of this person, for example, the birthday of the “Scientific and Philosophical Club “LOGOS” from the criminal branch of Moscow University in Sevastopol. This “temple of science” was predictably founded by the “activist of the Leninist Komsomol and the Communist Party” “comrade” Bondarenko. Or Cheremnov’s “award” with a fake “commemorative medal” “Memoring Centenary of USSR Formation”

Or here is a pleasant “evening of solidarity” between Cheremnov and the subjects of communist Korea, which took place in February “on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the eternal chairman of the State Defense Committee of the DPRK, Comrade Kim Jong Il.” Our then still very alive “komsomolets” said that North Korea inspired him with confidence that Russia “will also return to the socialist path of development”.

“I didn’t dig much into the varieties of red mud, but in short, all this is based on the struggle of various Russian special services among themselves,” my interlocutors from Crimea once said.

Cheremonov’s friends were people from the “Revolutionary Workers’ Party”, God forgive me. These “revolutionaries” also put in their “five kopecks’ on the occasion of the unfolding events: “September 21 marks the International Day of Peace. The Russian bourgeoisie, which loves irony and beautiful dates, has played its final trump card. According to Defense Minister Shoigu, it is planned to call up 300,000 reservists to the front. […] But we do not share the panic of the swaggering intelligentsia and the gloating of liberal circles. Because this is great news! 300,000 rifles will end up in the hands of those already fed up with poverty and exploitation. We express our absolute confidence that this decision is the first step towards turning the situation at the front in the right direction, by 180 degrees.”

The late Cheremenov, among other things, wrote quite propagandistically that allegedly “out of its thousand-year history, Russia spent 700 years in battles and campaigns. In the crucible of thousands of battles, our country defended its independence and sovereignty, expanded its territory, acted as a defender of those peoples who needed its help”.

And so we return to myth as an expression of “sacred history”. Myth, like the symbols that arise from it, never disappears from psychic reality. It only changes its appearance and disguises its functions. And the already mentioned aggressor’s “beacon of science” Dr. Orekhov cannot but know this.

Society cannot completely free itself from myth. And education is part of it. The sum of tribal traditions, norms that must not be violated – who feeds these ideas.

Dr. Orekhov is one of the collaborators. After the occupation, his Vernadsky Tauride National University moved to Kyiv, where it resumed its work in 2015. The “proffessor” remained in Crimea and now he is in the “department of Russian language and ‘iterature” in the fake stub of Tauride University – the so-called “Vernadsky Crimean Federal University”.

In an interview in 2021, he told how he was “one of the first to receive a Russian passport,” and his colleagues, employees of the Faculty of Foreign Philology, allegedly criminally “translated events to foreigners” during the 2014 pseudo-referendum.

Dr. Orekhov wanted to get out of the alleged “myth” of de Custine about the ‘Russian threat”, but it did not work out. He began to say that society needs to restore faith in itself and in its country. Interestingly, when people were evacuated from the buildings of the occupiers’ “university” in June on an alarm signal, and “security forces’ checks” began, did he urge the students to continue to “work to support the myth of powerful Russia”?

His desire to be “involved in something great” is cowardly. He himself told how nervous he was when his documents were checked in Russia or when crossing the border. Maybe the Marquis de Custine was right when he wrote that in Russia a foreigner is treated foully. Dr. Orekhov says that many of Custine’s conclusions allegedly “turned into obsessive labels. Let’s say the origins of the metaphor “Russia is a prison of peoples” are found by researchers in his book”. Or maybe Russia is really a police state, if documents are checked at every corner?

Collaborator Orekhov was very “offended” by de Custine for the image of the “Potemkin villages” and the “country of facades”. And it was just that de Custine had not yet seen the burials in Bucha or Izyum, and did not watch how the Russian soldiers were taking out the laundry machines.

Dr. Orekhov writes about the “absurdity of perception” of Russia – both strong and miserable. Well, it’s not strange at all. Back in 2014, articles were published with bewilderment – why is Russia proud of the image of an angry bear? Because this bear can be scary, but you can see he has rabies. And we would love to stay away from this creature until it dies on its own.

I really hope this “proffessor” has already understood that being a fake “Russian” from the invaders is not only to have a “passport”, but also to receive a “summon”, purely according to de Custine. And then Dr. Orekhov glorifies Russia, and some completely different boys die. We are forced to count the corpses of these soldiers, because the bear is not trained in arithmetic.

The problem is, dear Crimean residents, that it is still not very clear how you can avoid the criminal sending to war. De Custine, for example, wrote: “The current emperor usually faces the forced obedience of people, and for this reason he only twice in his life had the pleasure of testing his personal power over the assembled crowd: that was in the days of rebellions. There is only one free man in Russia – the rebellious soldier.”

We have seen the timid protests of wives and mothers in occupied Luhansk and Donetsk. Compared with the Crimea, the level of occupiers’ violence is still higher there. Therefore, women in the Crimea, if they cannot change anything, then at least they will be able to not be so silent. Especially after the inevitable deaths’ informing will come .

The only thing that is clear is that it’s time for Crimeans to get a human rights activist and the support of loved ones. There were cases when people were kept in the “refuse” camp and even tortured, but they managed to avoid being sent to war and return home.

A slightly “encouraging” post appeared on the Vkontakte page “If I refuse to participate in a special operation, will I face criminal liability? With answer: Yes, according to recent amendments to the criminal code, criminal liability will now be applied to refusals”.

The State Duma approved an amendment to the criminal code of the aggressor on punishment of up to 10 years in prison for desertion. 10 years in prison threatens not only those who “serve under a contract”, but also “reserves who did not show up for military training.” Now “refusal to participate in hostilities” will be threatened with three years, as for “failure to comply with orders”. One of the experts commented on the situation to ‘Meduza’ as follows: “Any person in the reserve can be sent to the troops and there are no effective mechanisms to protect the right not to fight.”

However, in the place of the “mobilized”, we would probably turn to the Security Service of Ukraine. There is a hotline 2402 around the clock for Ukrainian and Russian numbers. Usually they call there to surrender. If you have already been sent to war, then you can pay attention to the leaflets of the Ukrainian Army. Before the offensive, shells with leaflets are launched – they contain clear instructions.
There are also some positive notes in this story. They say that the last time mobilization in the USSR was announced during the Second World War, the rest of the time they used “hidden mobilization”. And this means that something went wrong with Putin, and we can talk about the failure of the “special operation”.

So, the Ukrainian expert Anatoly Makarenko reasonably remarked: “If 5937 died (according to Shoigu), then why else mobilize 300 thousand?”. And investigative journalist Denis Bigus kindly jokes: “Now, of course, it will be more difficult for us at times. But in general, artillery is the same to f#ck 5 carcasses sit in the trench, or 50”.

There is of course one problem. “Putin wants to drown Ukraine in blood, but also in the blood of his soldiers,” President Volodymyr Zelensky voiced this problem. And since the Crimea is Ukraine, invaders will choke on this blood on the peninsula. Once upon a time, a joke was popular in Crimea that “all people are divided into the living and the dead, and today it is very difficult to find the first around you.” Now Crimean youth have a chance to live in a world where black humor ceases to cause laughter, since it has ceased to be humor at all.