According to the Ukrainian Operational Command “South”, on September 22, the Russian military intensified air attacks in the south of Ukraine using Iranian kamikaze drones of the “Shahid-136” type.
It is reported that it was with the use of such a drone that the port infrastructure of Ochakov town was once again struck. One of the two attacking drones was shot down by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while the other hit a port tug. It is stated that the firemen quickly extinguished the fire and that there were no casualties. It is also noted in the media that on the morning of September 22, another kamikaze drone “Shahid-136” attacked Kryvyi Rih, without human casualties.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the fake “authority” in the Crimea began to spread statements about the alleged “three downed drones” in several northern districtss of the occupied peninsula. At the same time, as the experts point out, in the photos of the allegedly “neutralized drones” you can see precisely the Russian identification marks.

However, in addition to kamikaze drones, which the occupiers are clearly unsuccessfully trying to use, according to reports from local residents, the aggressor has located several Mohajer-6 attack and reconnaissance drones at the air base in the well-known Novofedorivka, which the invaders are trying to use at least for “patrol” of the sea area.

If open sources are to be believed, Mohajer-6 is an unmanned aerial vehicle for reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance, capable of carrying a payload of multispectral surveillance or up to four munitions, with a range of up to 200 kilometers.

It is noteworthy that, probably in order to prevent the leakage of this information, a few days ago the Russian occupiers increased control over the movements of residents and visitors of Novofedorivka.