As the news wrote today, the Kremlin’s statements about “partial mobilization” made on the morning of September 21 caught many Crimean collaborators by surprise, forcing them to “change shoes on the go.”

The expert of our Association, Borys Babin, noted that the Russian occupiers were preparing for the criminal “mobilization” in advance, and first of all, their military, and the instructions were sent to the “civilian apparatus” in places on September 20 or even on the morning of September 21, since the “level of trust” there is ultra-low somewhere.”

Also, the statement of the illegal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov, that allegedly “the lists of those subject to conscription are ready” in the occupied Crimea should be considered as a fake.

As far as the ARC knows, as of the evening of September 21, this rather chaotic process of “compiling lists” only began to gain momentum “on the ground”, while the Russian invaders massively began to look for a “mobilization resource” among “entrepreneurs”, for which they began to demand relevant lists of “registered individuals” from local “fiscal authorities”.

The expert Babin also pointed out that the “summons” were distributed by the occupiers in Crimea on September 21 “generally en masse, and regarding to sertain individuals – quite chaotically, because there are cases of “shaven” elderly people without a military specialty, obviously of little value to any army.”
At the same time, the expert added, “at the same time, a clear plan of the aggressor is emerging to gather the maximum number of “mobilized” people precisely in the places of compact settlement of the Crimean Tatars.”

Indeed, as our Association knows, this is exactly what is happening in the villages of the Simferopol region; for example, in Dobre, more than 150 “summons” were distributed to the Crimean Tatars, with a meeting on September 22 at 8 am “near the village council”.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned Aksyonov does not leave attempts to cash in on the war. And if a few days ago the fake “head of Crimea” hatched plans to “master” funds for two “named battalions”, first at the expense of a “federal subsidy”, and then from “big banks”, now Aksyonov publicly asks the Kremlin, on air of propagandistic “Crimea 24” channel, “subsidies” “to support military personnel”, as well as “to improve the work of draft boards”.

On social networks, Crimean residents quite sharply remind the collaborators who incited Ukrainophobia that they now have the opportunity to express their hatred “with their own hands, at the front.” But instead, residents of the occupied Crimea state, they “check their age data, military ranks, … as well as their relatives, so as not to fall” under the criminal “mobilization”.

Crimeans also sarcastically write that for criminal “mobilization” “you can solve the issue very quickly by replenishing the army with the most patriotic personnel”, when “you go out into the street and everyone who has cars, on T-shirts and so on, two popular Latin letters, immediately in military registration and enlistment office”.

Well, in a less public setting, such “know-how” is distributed among Crimean residents in order to allegedly “avoid getting to the front”: to declare that there are close relatives in mainland Ukraine or about their Ukrainian citizenship. Well, former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also advised, to speak “without embarrassment” in the “military registration and enlistment office” about supposedly “old acquaintances and colleagues” on the mainland.

However, such attempts to get “вisqualification through disloyalty” clearly do not guarantee the “mobilized” the release from the role of “cannon fodder”, since it is obvious that the aggressor at the front is not going to entrust them with any “important tasks” anyway.

On this occasion, expert Dr. Babin noted that “in general, the most effective way for Crimean residents to avoid “mobilization” is a rather long hiding place outside the place of “registration” and work, preferably “out of the access zone”.