As the news today has already reported, Crimean collaborators recently criminally promised to create two “named battalions” to support Russian aggression; however, at the same time, they are somewhat “entangled” in the criminal “sources of their financing”.

Subsequently, criminal “clarifications” followed from the fake “deputy” Mikhail Sheremet that supposedly not “battalions” would be formed in the Crimea, but a whole “regiment of volunteers to participate in a special operation”.

At the same time, the same “mobilization petrel” from the Crimean bandits, Sheremet, indicated that allegedly “the first battalion called “Tavrida” is already fighting.”

It is worth noting that the said criminal “Tavrida” has gathered both a certain group of collaborators and a significant number of Russians themselves who have criminally arrived into the Crimea over the past eight years.

Over the past two weeks, the disguised “Crimean Cossacks” from “Tavrida” have become literally the “stars” of the aggressor’s “federal” propaganda, covering their alleged “successes” in the Zaporizhzhya Region in every possible way.

However, the analysis of the posted videos about “Tavrida” allowed military experts to be extremely skeptical about the training, weapons and combat skills of these fake “Cossacks” from the fictitious “Black Sea Cossack Host” once declared by the occupiers.

Formally, this “battalion” is headed by purely “political figures”, such as the criminal “adviser” of Aksyonov, the chieftain of the “Black Sea Cossack Host”, Anton Sirotkin and his “deputy” Dmitry Voronin, who prefer to “lead” the criminal “Tavrida” from Simferopol.

However, this “Tavrida” was criminally created by the aggressor as one of the three “Cossack volunteer” battalions back in March 2022, and in recent months it has eked out a miserable existence in the front line as a de facto “auxiliary structure” and “cannon fodder”.

Its current mass “resuscitation” and even “heroization” by agressor’s collaborators and propaganda in the role of another “tik-tok army” indicates, first of all, that the fake “authority” in Crimea has the expected problems with “recruits”. Therefore, in the role of the promised “battalions” and “regiment”, they want to “sell” the same fake “Tavrida” to the Kremlin “in the second round”.