In 2021, the Russian occupiers announced another criminal “change in status” of medical institutions in the occupied Yalta, which amounted to their illegal subordination to the “Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia”.

Since 2020, our Association has been monitoring the criminal “reform” of Yalta medicine, caused by two factors – the occupiers’ and collaborators’ desire to “redistribute” the tasty lands of hospitals and polyclinics of the Southern Coast of Crimea, as well as to provide there, in this “most protected” peninsula region, a “base” for aggressor’s military medicine.

It is noteworthy that in November last year, the Ryssian invaders declared illegally Olga Yeryomina, who made a career in the field of education in the Kostroma Region and “rose” to the position of Deputy-Governor, as the criminal “head” of the fake “Yalta branch” of the aforementioned “federal agency”. At the same time, this former director of the school, and then the Head of the Education department of the Kostroma city administration, has no medical education.

The deplorable result was not long in coming, and now it has even become somewhat public, as the struggle between the Simferopol fake “Ministry of health” and the aforementioned Mrs. Yeryomina “specific enterprise” has gained momentum, naturally – for land and money.

The characteristic features of the “medical sector” from the occupiers were voiced – the lack of doctors and staff turnover, the inaccessibility of “free procedures” and the poor condition of medical institutions. It is noteworthy that Yeryomina “does not see the need” to strengthen the medical staff of Yalta for the summer period, which may characterize the real state of affairs in the “resort sector” and the fakeness of allegedly “millions of tourists”.

At the same time, the Yalta doctors themselves point to a “salary reduction” of up to 8,000 rubles when they are “transferred to federal rails,” which, for example, has led to the fact that out of 25 pediatricians working in Yalta in 2014, only five now remain in the Yalta polyclinic. This has now led to a “rebellion on the knees” of the “staff of the Yalta maternity hospital and city dentistry”, who are now being prepared for another criminal “transfer”, this time to a “federal branch”.

However, as the ARC has already reported, the fake Simferopol “ministry” is not far behind in the destruction of Crimean medicine, which has already led to the closure of maternity hospitals in the Chernomorsky and Razdolnensky districts of the occupied peninsula.