Russian invaders’ propaganda reports that the criminal “expedition” of the Russian State Hermitage Museum, which has been under the sanctions of Ukraine in recent years, “found a treasure” in August 2022 during “excavations of the ancient settlement of Mirmekiy on the northern shore of the Kerch Bay.”
In particular, the occupiers show off their criminal “loot”: 26 antique gold coins with the name of Alexander the Great and four from the period of the reign of his brother Philip ΙΙΙ, “hidden in an earthenware jar, which has survived almost intact.”

The obverse side of the coins depicts the head of the goddess Athena in a Corinthian helmet, which is decorated with the image of a snake or a griffin. On the reverse side, the winged goddess of victory Nike is minted, in whose hands the mast of the ship and a wreath. It is reported that this criminal “Myrmekiy Archaeological Expedition” made this summer in the occupied Crimea “other finds, including large fragments of two ancient letters on lead”.

A similar criminal “Artesian Archaeological Expedition”, plundering the ancient heritage in the vicinity of Kerch, boasted this summer of the “find” of the remains of an altar complex and a sacrificial table made of white marble, dated approximately to the 2nd century BC.