Residents of the occupied Crimea note that against the backdrop of constant occupiers’ propaganda statements about the alleged continuation of the “yellow danger level” on the peninsula, the invaders’ “operational services” themselves turn out to be unprepared for any emergencies, even those not related to the Ukrainian partisan movement.

Total traffic jams on the criminal highway “Tavrida” after any more or less significant traffic accident, which the occupiers cannot “de-regulate” for up to five hours in a row, have become the talks of the local inhabitants, news today inform.

Also at the illegal concert of Elena Vaenga in occupied Feodosia on September 18, the singer herself noticed that there were some people in the hall brandishing firearms. Vaenga announced this, interrupted the concert, after which the audience was asked to go outside, and after some time they were simply taken back to the hall, and the “show” continued, and no one could find the “armed fans” themselves, and did not try to look.

In the occupied Sevastopol on the evening of September 18, there was a massive blackout due to the shutdown of the “Sevastopol” electric substation, as a result of which there was no electricity for several hours in the areas of Omega, Streletskaya Bay, Kazachya Bay, and part of Kamyshovaya Bay. At the same time, until September 19, no one informed the residents of the city either about the reasons for the shutdown, or about when and how it would be resumed. A similar situation in the city already happened on July 8 and also passed without any special explanation from the occupiers.

As Sevastopol residents write on social networks, on the radio you can “not only play music, but also inform people about what is happening.” Also, the Sevastopol residents were “pleased” with the announcements, pasted by the occupiers, about the location of the basements, which should be used as bomb shelters.

After all, an elementary visit to the addresses indicated in the ads proved that either these basements were tightly closed or unsuitable for staying because of clutter and unsanitary conditions. The fake “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev, commenting on the signs on the basements that were unusable and not equipped for bomb shelters, said that “let this be a training alarm”.

The criminal occupiers’ “administration” prefers not to specify what the population should do otherwise.