As it was learned from ouere sources the crew members of the Ukrainian ship “Nefterudovoz-45M” IMO number 8138712, in July 2022 in the Black Sea at a distance of 140 kilometers from the coast of Romania, they discovered a rubber life raft, which, according to the markings, belongs to the former flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, a missile cruiser “Moscow”.

Four life jackets, red and white rescue flares, a senior sailor’s military uniform with combat number 3-3-21, other life-saving equipment, small Russian money, cutlery and SIM cards of the aggressor’s mobile phone were found on the raft.

The discovered objects indicate that several people from the crew of the cruiser “Moskva” were in the central part of the Black Sea for a relatively long time, but the aggressor state did not manage to save them and they most likely died. The sailors report on the transfer of the indicated evidence to the authorized state bodies of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure.
Also, our sources from Crimea report that during the “rescue operation” on the cruiser itself, two divers of the aggressor’s elite Sevastopol unit of the died.