Russia has been trying for a long time to convince the world community that it is allegedly a “welcome guest” in the Crimea. Enormous aggressor’s money were invested in promoting this criminal narrative. But one of the foundations of communication is unchanged – it is expensive to tell lies, truthful messages move much easier, they are helped by natural force.

There are international treaties, there is the world community, within which it is clearly stated that the Crimea is Ukraine. This is a clear, simple message. Has Russia ever recognized this? It recognized. What do we know about the Crimean Tatars? They were deported by Stalin in inhuman conditions. Has everyone acknowledged this? All did. Even Russia? Even the Russia acknowledged it, gritting its fangs. There are Crimean Tatars who have the right to vote. There is Jamala.

She enters the Eurovision Song Contest singing “1944”, where there is a parallel with our history of the 21st century: “I could not spend my youth there because you took my world. We could build a future where people live freely and love”. Later, Jamala will say: “I only sing “1944” now, but I cannot say that I am singing a song – I am crying for it.”

So Jamala became one of the voices of the Crimea. At the same time, not just a talking head, but a person who is listened to despite the massive propaganda of the Kremlin, which tried to sell people the idea of a fake “referendum” on March 16, 2014 in the Crimea at gunpoint of the Russian military.

Three days ago, Jamala, in an interview with “Ukrayinska Pravda”, raised an important topic – how people in the occupied Crimea feel when it comes to the approach of the Ukrainian army. In fact, even if you are a very pro-Ukrainian person, the very thought of the approach of war should be scary on an instinctive level.

But what does Jamala say? She says that people in the Crimea rejoice when they hear explosions! They rejoice because the explosions give them hope, which has been fading for the last 8 years.

“It’s hard for them. They are hard emotionally. Yes, they have adapted, yes, they are working, but it is very difficult for them. Because everyone knows there, all the soil, even the blood knows that under Russia we never had a good time in Crimea. Historically, since the time of the same Catherine. Even our Scythian and Taurus, and all forty ethnic groups that we have in ourselves, they all know for sure that we are not on the same path with them. Therefore, they say that they wait and even rejoice when it explodes. They even joke that we were bored, we didn’t feel like you were there. This, of course, is a joke, but they know they are waiting. As a person, as a woman, I would like to avoid losses. I don’t want people to die. But I don’t know how things will continue to happen. But the fact that ours should return, I know for sure, ”says Jamala.

A good, important, sonorous phrase. And she infuriated the aggressors. It’s funny how a huge propaganda apparatus reacts to one ordinary note, talking heads immediately turn on, trying to outshout Jamala, to hunt her down. The content of these heads was examined by the expert of our Association, culturologist Olena Stadnik.

The fake “head of the regional national-cultural autonomy of the Crimean Tatars” Eyvaz Umerov, one of those who agreed to cooperate with the criminal Russian regime, was the first to respond, criminally stating: “Another Crimean Tatar woman who roams all over the world in a naked forms, demonstrating all her feminine charms, spoke about the fact that her family, friends, relatives are waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And they are experiencing all the hardships of the Russian presence.”

This Umerov’s nervous passage is similar to the classic situation – “I chased you for three days to say how indifferent I am to you!”. This is followed by a “wonderful” collaborator’s tirade about why the “authorities” of the aggressor and the “officials” from the occupiers are silent, why the Crimean Tatars, “especially those who work in the education system”, allegedly “do not express their position”.

Umerov is criminally hysterical: “Why the hell are you still silent? Or your silence can be taken as consent…? How long will you remain silent and give away the information field to people like Jamala and Chubarov?! This is seen by big officials in the golden-domed, and by your silence you shorten your political age. Everything can end very badly for you. Either you join us or you stay out”.

Umerov, by the way, involuntarily confirms the experts’ words that in the Crimea there is now a certain calm in the information field. Firstly, many of those who, due to some selfish interests, supported the “Russian spring”, have already been “removed from the scene” by the Russian occupiers. And secondly, a full-scale war, the horror of everything that is happening brought many people back to reality, because it’s one thing to imitate “support for Russia” when there are certain “goodies” for it, and it’s completely different when you have to go to the front because of this, when for cooperation with the occupiers, not only serious sanctions are coming, but also a “final solution to the situation”, when the “streets in honor of the dead” aggressor’s soldiers, promised by Aksyonov, in the Crimea, are clearly not enough for everyone.

It seems that Umerov, who demonstrates his “militant masculinity” to the camera and boasts that he “has just returned from duck hunting”, is actually weak and hysterical in his attempts to intimidate people on the peninsula. When a boy starts yelling: “Hey all of you, I know where you live, I’ll show you all now” – this is rather a sign of weakness. The information occupiers’ campaign, served by collaborators, has leaked.

Umerov, however, openly threatens people who do not support the war: “Can we take certain measures against your relatives and friends who are waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Believe me, we have enough courage, resources, intelligence to call you to account in the person of your relatives. The mechanisms of action can be quite different. And I ask those very relatives of yours who live in the Crimea, are they ready to withstand the answer and the blow that we will inflict on you because of the statements of your relatives, …? We are ready to start it. Get ready, too”, – the collaborator declares criminally.

Umerov is echoed by the “propagandist-blogger” Alexander Talipov, whose telegram channel is quite popular among people who supported the occupation: “About the singer Jamala, who said that all her relatives are waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and rejoice at the explosions in Crimea, perhaps we should start asking everyone? Maybe first ask her dad Jamaladinov Alim, … year of birth, … living in the village of Malorechenske on Vinogradna Street, where he has a three-story hotel instead of a residential building …? Or you may ask how the dad, being the founder of the religious organization of Muslims “Kuchuk-Ozen”, of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Crimea, can be against Russia? If this is so, then, apparently, such ideas are spread among the parishioners? And this is extremism and an article, for such people (crossed out) animals should sit in a cage. And I only started this with my dad, to be continued,” – Talipov says in his criminal hysteria.

For Talipov, this flow of racism and hatred is “normal conversational style”. On August 20, he urged subscribers to identify the Crimean residents, who posted a video on social networks that they were waiting for the liberation of Crimea. Talipov criminally wrote literally the following: “Attention, the search for d…cks. Yesterday, two animals, a male and a female, drove around Sevastopol to Nazi music, so they celebrated the attempts to attack the city”.

Talipov also criminally bulled a migrant from Mariupol with his girlfriend: “Two stup…d youngsters in the Chernomorske congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day, wished victory on the battlefield, the boy showed how he uses a Russian president, and the juvenile b…ch in conclusion wished the death of the Russian Federation”. Later, he will post a video of allegedly these young people crying in front of the camera and allegedly “apologizing for their behavior”. It should be noted that the more “claps” happen in the Crimea, the more foul language appears inTalipov’s posts, and by the way, his damns are extremely miserable, primitive and same, and soon, apparently, they will generally make up most of his “messages”.
An expert on Crimean issues comments on this situation: “Talipov was recruited by the Main Directorate of the Russian General Staff even before 2014, when he served as a Ukrainian border guard, and not on ideological grounds, but on a rather dirty personal history, and he is active on the information front “not for beautiful eyes” . On the one hand, he serves the occupation system as much as possible, and on the other hand, he works for a group of people who oppose Aksyonov. In the first years of the occupation, he presented himself as an allegedly “oppositional independent force”, such a “fighter against corruption”, covered the sins and vices of the “local authorities”, when the tower in Feodosia crumbled, when the land plot was stolen, when something else happened. As soon as a large number of subscribers had accumulated and large-scale Russian aggression began, he immediately switched to another topic, “officials of the district flood” ceased to interest him and he switched entirely to the issues of the war with Ukraine.”

The experts add that “until February 2022, Talipov often broadcast statements that were sent down by the Kremlin through Oleg Tsarev. It looks like Talipov and Umerov are colleagues, only Talipov is more of a propaganda tool for some Crimean residents – the “pro-Soviet” part of the population, as well as for the aggressor’s colonists, such as “petrel of the Russian occupation”, and Umerov works “over the Crimean Tatars”. Of the entire galaxy of Crimean Tatar collaborators, he stands out as much as possible. Even such characters as Ali Khamzin or Seitumer Nimetullayev, while criminally serving the Russian occupiers, still try to imitate supposedly “respect for national identity”. For Umerov, the Crimean Tatar is just a marker on the uniform of the Russian occupier. This is a new phenomenon, for example, he publicly called for the deportation of the Crimean Tatars and justified Stalin. I can’t imagine another Crimean Tatar who could say such a thing at all, in principle, he is actually the standard of a mankurt,” the expert adds.

It should be understood that only the most odious characters can broadcast nonsense in the style of “let’s punish Jamala’s relatives”, those who are not “official representatives” of the Kremlin, and from whom, in which case, you can “disown”. As supposedly “independent experts” they can carry any nonsense that is beneficial to the Kremlin and the Russian special services, even if it is obviously immoral and criminal.
At the same time, Talipov really supports Tsarev’s messages – this is easy to see in the Telegram, for example, that fake “officials” in the newly Russia-occupied territories “need to carry weapons”. “Oleg Tsarev raises an important issue of the security of administration employees” in the aggressor-occupied mainland territories of Ukraine; “in his opinion”, collaborators “can be given weapons, but there are no regulations for this,” – Talipov whines.

Why did they start thinking about weapons? And after Oleksiy Kovalyov, a former people’s deputy of Ukraine, who went over to the side of the occupiers, was killed in the Kherson region, which is extremely “pleasing” to the Tsarevs, Talipovs and Umerovs.

What is also interesting is that under the cries of occupiers’ “patriotism”, these “petrels” are still successfully disguising internal “showdowns”. For example, under the guise of this hysteria, the invaders “removed” Ruslan Emiraliev, the fake “deputy head of administration” of the occupied Sudak towm. Umerov recorded two more tearful videos on September 2 alone, in which he claims that “in the Crimea, indeed, many “liberal circles”, “sleeper agents” and representatives of the “fifth column” and “fools recording videos””. Umerov also tearfully thanks the occupiers’ “authorities” “for the dismissal” of Ruslan Emiraliev, “appointed” in August. Emiraliev is accused by Umerov of a “terrible crime” – he first wrote a post in support of Russian aggression on his ‘Vkontakte’ page, and then, after his “appointment”, he deleted his page on this social network.

As Eyvaz Umerov criminally boasts, his curators in the Russian special services “assured that from today all officials who apply for positions, … any leading position in Crimea, candidates will be tested for support of a “special military operation” in Ukraine.” Moreover, Umerov criminally declares, “they will be required to work systematically in this direction – to inform that part of our multinational Crimean society in whose environment they are going to work. One-time recording of the video will not work, the work must be carried out systematically. Those officials who are already in power, but have not yet decided on their position and have not put it up for public condemnation of the Crimeans, are also obliged to do so. They will go through regional television and will have to intensify work in social networks,” the collaborator criminally adds.

Sometimes during the war it is worth asking yourself the question “Sometimes I feel uncomfortable, but isn’t the enemy scared, do they even understand what is happening?”. But now, having read these endless tantrums filled with miserable curses on the pages of collaborators, one can understand – but no, everything is fine, they are constantly very, very scared. From the word at all. These “huge menacing self-confident boys” really get insanely wet as soon as they smell smoke from another military occupiers’ warehouse in the Crimea.