In Sevastopol, the occupying Russian authority builds a military community for the Russian Guards for 4 bln. Russian roubles.  For the construction an area of 10.4 ha was allotted. The web resource Crimean Reality reports that. 

Thus, in Nakhimovsk Region, in Sevastopol, several nine-storey dwelling houses, barracks, engineering builds, and constructions have already been erected in 2 Bastion Street. 

At the same time, financing the present construction is carried out for money taken from the federal budget. On the site of the public procurement, the construction costs RUB 4 080, 575,810. It is a State Defense Procurement and Acquisition. The construction of the military communities of Army Unit No. 6916 is done by the general contractor of the OOO PMK Russkaya, according to the project made by the OOO Stavrolit. The customer is the Public Federal Official Institution named The 2nd Centre of the Promoter-Builder of the Troops of the National Guards of the Russian Federation. The estimated date of term is November 2023.