The occupants’ propaganda spreads “good news” that the criminally operating airport of Simferopol “will receive a subsidy from the federal budget in the amount of more than 577.4 million rubles from the reserve fund” for downtime due to the “closure” by the aggressor since February 2022 of the airspace over the peninsula.

At the same time, the Russian occupiers indicate that in 2021 the illegal “income” of this airport amounted to 9 billion rubles, of which more than 4 billion are “net profits”. Therefore, it is obvious that this “subsidy” covers only an insignificant part of the expenses of the occupiers in 2022 for this illegal infrastructure facility.

At the same time, as the news reports today, in Russia itself, after the start of large-scale Russian aggression, 10 airports were closed, and it is easy to calculate what the aggressor’s business suffered in 2022 only due to the closure of airports and only direct losses, lost profits in the field of “civil aviation” for more than a billion dollars, apart from the occupied Crimea.