Perhaps, feeling their intellectual and moral degradation, the aggressor authorities decided to copy the existing plot of the famous film and organized their own “hunger games”.

On July 22 of this year, after difficult negotiations, with the participation of the UN and Turkey, two agreed memorandums were signed on the safe supply of Ukrainian grain to the world market in the context of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, including at sea, and both memoranda should be valid for 120 days.

The very next day, the Russian invaders shelled the infrastructure of the Odessa Sea Trade Port, and a little later, the aggressor’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said that the “grain agreement” would be broken if there were obstacles to the export of agricultural products precisely “from Russia”.
The specified department of the invaders also “did not rule out” the possibility of terminating the agreements on the export of Ukrainian grain, if “the participants interfere with the export of Russian grain”.

As of August 13, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, during the implementation of this initiative by Turkey and the UN, 16 ships have already departed from Ukrainian ports controlled by the Ukrainian authorities with 450,000 tons of agricultural products on board.

However, a little earlier it was possible to identify 87 ships used by Russia to transport grain through the countries of the Middle East, in particular, stolen in Ukraine. Our Association reported in detail about how the occupiers criminally export grain from the Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporizhzhya regions to the territory of the occupied Crimea and Russia itself.

At the same time, the aggressor seeks to discredit the implementation of this initiative. According to the statements of the official officials of the aggressor and the theses of the “journalistic propaganda investigation” of the “Sputnik” agency disseminated by him, which were massively circulated in the media controlled by the aggressor, out of 12 merchant ships allegedly only two went to poor Africa, while others went to “rich Europe”.

That is, the Russian special services are spreading a fake narrative that allegedly “they are trying to deceive Russia”, which in turn allegedly “unties her hands”.

It was especially interesting to read in the above “investigation” references to the data of the marine information resource “Marine Traffic”.

For some reason, let us remember the events before the escalation of aggression, when the Russians openly mocked this resource. There were many such facts, but let’s focus on the cyber incident registered by the Cyber Defense Center of the State Service for Special Communications of Ukraine on June 18, 2021.

At that time, criminal interference was recorded in the operation of automated systems, telecommunication networks, computer networks and information resources that use data from AIS, Automatic Identification System, to distort information about the real location of surface objects in the Black and Azov Seas.

In particular, the aggressor then influenced the systems of the US destroyers “USS Laboon” and “USS Ross”, as well as the Dutch guided missile frigate “Evertsen” and the British destroyer “Defender” during the preparation and conduct of the international military exercises “Sea Breeze – 2021”, co-organized by Ukraine.

For example, the information resource Marine Traffic erroneously reflected the US destroyer “Laboon” allegedly in the Sea of Azov, while its actual location, according to open sources, was in the area of Romanian port of Constanta, and other ships were also fakely highlighted allegedly “in the Crimea” or near the occupied peninsula.

At the same time, experts found that the technical functionality of the resource referred to the primary information received from the coastal base station AIS 5837, which is located in Novorossiysk. That is, the actions of the Russians were so incompetent and senseless that they did not even correct the “trace” of information from the station under their control.

But let’s get back to the “journalistic investigation” and to the manipulative statements of the aggressor’s Foreign Ministry.

As of February 24, when hostilities began to escalate in the long Russian-Ukrainian war, there were more than a dozen merchant ships in the Black Sea ports of Ukraine, which, under existing agreements, were already loaded with food, and even sealed in holds. For the further operation of the ports, it is obviously necessary to release specialized berths for grain loading.

It should be noted that the international humanitarian corridor organized with the assistance of the UN and through the mediation of Turkey through the seaports of Ukraine to the Turkish straits provides for the first release of the berths adjacent to grain terminals and port elevators from ships that were loaded with grain and blocked by Russia after the escalation of armed aggression on February 24.

All of these ships had cargo on board, intended for unloading to buyers in those countries whose representatives bought it before February 24, before the start of active hostilities. That is, there are no violations of the memoranda here.

Only after the departure of these ships from Ukraine, the port elevators could hypothetically start loading onto ships that arrived to transport grain to countries most in dire need of food. Which countries are most urgently in need of food will be shown by the UN statistics after the delivery of grain to these countries under the relevant program.

We also clarify that both corn and vegetable oil are food products covered by the “grain agreement”, and recall that, according to UN estimates, more than a fifth of the world’s population, up to 1.7 billion people, may face hunger and poverty precisely because of full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Therefore, all the fake “investigations” of the Russians are manipulation, there are no violations of the memorandum signed by Ukraine in July in Istanbul, and the aggressor should not abuse references to the “Marine Traffic” system, which is subject to constant illegal interference by Russian special services.