On August 18, Crimeans reported on social networks about explosions in Kerch after 21:00 in the area of the “Crimean Bridge” and in Sevastopol, near the airfield of the invaders “Belbek” at approximately 22:00.

After that, the “bloggers” being under the control of the Russian invaders and the fake “governor” of Sevastopol, Razvozhaev, announced that the aggressor’s “anti-aircraft defense worked” in the specified areas.

It is noteworthy that after the explosions near the “Belbek” airfield, the occupiers set up a roadblock at the entrance to the city in occupied Sevastopol at night and began to check cars.

At the same time, the expected panic among Crimean collaborators and Russian colonizers is accompanied by the spread of tragicomic gossip among them that the “weakening of air defense” of the occupiers in Crimea is allegedly due to the fact that “all Crimean air defense was taken to Chechnya at the request of Ramzan Kadyrov”.

Occupiers’ propagandists also began to publicly “express concern” that the British military “did not in any way refute” the statements of certain Ukrainian politicians that they allegedly discussed plans to destroy the “Crimean Bridge” in London.

And although at the same time the aggressor’ “talking heads” continue to declare that “everything is calm and controlled” in the Crimea, as is aptly stated on social networks at the moment regarding the Russian colonizers, someone has already understood that “it will no longer be possible to live like at home away from home”.