The series of “incidents” that took place in the occupied Crimea at aggressor’s military airfields and ammunition depots of the in the villages of Novofedorovka, Gvardeyskoye and Maiskoye put the Kremlin and its Crimean servants in front of the need for some kind of “response to the current situation”.

This “difficult choice” is aggravated by the fact that earlier the aggressor constantly stated that the peninsula was supposedly “under reliable protection” and that “any provocation will be given a decisive answer”. Now it is obvious that the Russian occupiers have decided on the form of such a “response”, and it will obviously consist in a “fight against the fifth column” on the same peninsula.

The aggressor’s structures in the Crimea began to work out this approach in the media, “reporting on the detention” in Yalta of the next “cells” of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, and also declaring their intentions, in the form of a fake “accusation”, to criminally send Nariman Dzhelal to prison in the case about “sabotage on the gas pipeline in Perevalne”.

At the same time, the Russian special services issued a “manual” to the invaders’ regular propagandists about the need to “rally the ranks” in the “Soviet style”. Its implementation “on the ground” has already led to tragicomic consequences, when the Crimean Tatar collaborator Eyvaz Umerov, recruited by the Russian invaders on “general criminal facts”, publicly called for fighting the “fifth column” and “starting purges” and applying “methods that were once undertaken by Comrade Stalin”.

In fact, this aggressor’s accomplice became the first Crimean Tatar who publicly called for a repeat of the deportation of his own people from their historical homeland.

According to available information, it is Eyvaz Umerov who is now considered by the Kremlin as the “most promising” Crimean Tatar collaborator, who is planned to be appointed as a puppet “leader of the people” in the Crimea or, respectively, in the places of the new criminal deportation of the indigenous people of Ukraine, in the aggressor’s Far East.