Starting from Friday, information began to spread in the occupiers-controlled “Crimean media” and social networks that from August 15, allegedly, the Russian invaders’ “emergency ministry forces” “will carry out destruction work of explosive objects” in the quarry in the Crimea’s Saksky District, between the villages of Naumovka and Vitrivka.

It should be noted that the Russian occupiers control in this part of the Saksky district the weapons’ warehouses, criminally intended for the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet, and also placed in recent years a large storage for diesel and aviation fuel, intended primarily for aviation based in Novofedorivka, as well as for other invaders’ structures.

In this way, it is possible to simulate a situation when the Russian occupiers are very concerned about the risk of “new smoking in an unauthorized place”, after which there will be neither fuel storage nor the aggressor’s arsenals, and have started “ammunition rotation”, especially that which in the last years of the occupation has become untransportable due to carelessness storage.

There is also a possibility that the Russian occupiers will begin to destroy in the specified quarry the remains of the ammunition that did not explode last week in Novofedorivka after “smoking during fuel unloading”.