In the Russian “media environment”, a loud scandal continued throughout the last week related to the detention by the aggressor’s security forces of “journalists” and “PR specialists”, namely Alexandra Bayazitova, Olga Arkharova and Inna Churilova.

They are accused of extorting money from the key manager of “Promsvyazbank”, Alexander Ushakov, allegedly “for deleting and not publishing negative information about him in Telegram channels”, including such resources as “Financial guard”, “Infernal grannies”, “Mama’s financier” and others.

It is noteworthy that Bayazitova really defame in her publications the previously convicted Ushakov, who, before “Promsvyazbank”, had a “complicated biography” in “Construction Bank” and “Rosenergobank”.
At the same time, Bayazitova has a reputation for the so-called “patriotic views” of Russian Nazism, and in her materials she really criticized the management of “Promsvyazbank” for embezzlement, but with an emphasis that this money was “allocated for the defense industry” and that “if the money allocated for the military industrial complex, … were not plundered, then the Russian special operation in Ukraine would have gone differently.”

However, judging by the positions of those “telegram goddesses” in the Russian court, they most likely tried to get something from the corrupt leadership of “Promsvyazbank” for silence at a certain stage, but they “hit the wrong people” who were ready to pay them. Therefore, the “patriotic friends” of Bayazitova are now focusing mainly on the fact that this “seriously ill woman cannot be sent to the pre-trial detention center”.

This story is remarkable not only for the large-scale corruption of “Promsvyazbank”, covered up by the Russian special services, which today not only illegally started working in the occupied Crimea, but also became a key instrument of the criminal financial occupation of the mainland south of Ukraine, with ten “branches” in the Kherson region located in the aggressor-captured Ukrainian banks’ premises.
Also the Crimean connections of the “PR manager” Olga Arkharova, with the characteristic nickname “Meat grinder”, arrested together with Bayazitova, are interesting, which she maintained with the Sevastopol “activist” Alisa Lazareva.

On the one hand, it is reported that Lazareva’s “media services” in the occupied Crimea were monthly paid by Arkharova, but on the other hand, these two “journalism sharks” allegedly had a “conflict over feelings” towards Lazareva’s common-law spouse, Artem Puchkov-Akobyan, closely associated with one of the Moscow FSB groups.

In this “snake ball” of the aggressor’s propagandists, it is characteristic that Alisa Lazareva, allegedly an “environmental activist” and former “voluntary assistant” to the fake “Sevastopol deputy” Vyacheslav Kamzolov, with whom she made a scandal three years ago because of the “missing certificate ” and “insults like men”, has now become the media servant of the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Therefore, the “Bayazitova case” is now being actively discussed by the competitors of the fake “governor” with the characteristic nickname “Kolobok”, but naturally not in the format of “Promsvyazbank” corruption, but in the format of sudden toxicity for the Kremlin’s key groups of the “governor’s favorite journalist” Lazareva.