On August 13, a message began to spread in social networks, and then in the media, about the alleged “detention” in the occupied Crimea by the Russian invaders’ “police” of the famous Russian terrorist Girkin-Strelkov, during his alleged attempt to get into the Kherson region in the combat zone.

Girkin’s old “competitor”, another Russian terrorist Igor Bezler, recently “noted” in the Crimea in the role the criminal “head of security” of invaders-controlled “Chernomorneftegaz”.One of the “primary sources” of reports about the alleged “detention of Girkin on a cover passport” in the name of Sergei Runov and regarding his alleged detention by the occupiers’ “police” in Simferopol was.

Subsequently, various sources stated that allegedly Girkin still managed to criminally get through the Crimea to the occupied territories of the Kherson region. Some experts said that the “show” with the alleged “detention” of Girkin could be an informational special operation of the Russian invaders to cover up other circumstances and events in the occupied South of Ukraine.

As people’s deputy Bohdan Yaremenko noted, “a funny beardless photo of the terrorist and murderer Girkin with a story about his failed attempt to enter the occupied Kherson region from the occupied Crimea with a cover passport is not at all such a fun event”. The politician pointed out that Girkin has been known for uncompromising brutality since 2014 and in recent months he has been, according to Yaremenko, “the most active public promoter of the idea of Russia’s complete mobilization and total war, destruction and occupation of Ukraine.”

The people’s deputy added that the appearance of this person near the combat area, wanted for the destruction of a “Boeing” passenger plane in 2014, can only indicate the preparation of a bloody provocation in order to implement Girkin’s public agenda.

As Boris Babin, an expert of the Association, added, for four months now Girkin has been an “Internet star” about the events on the fronts of the Russian invasion, and the number of “insiders” that he rolls out on the head of the “Russian deep people” sometimes go off scale. “Such a propaganda tool under the guise of a “whistleblower of treason”, firstly, cannot exist without an organized system of sources among Russian invaders, and secondly, it could not work for three days without a powerful “roof” in Moscow,” the expert added.

Indeed, as “Bellingcat” investigative journalist Christo Grozev stated in July 2022, “Russian terrorist Igor Girkin, who took part in the occupation of Crimea and the capture of Slovyansk in 2014, has a “roof” in Russian military intelligence, which gives him the opportunity to make high-profile and caustic remarks towards the military leadership of the aggressor.”

Hristo Grozev noted that Girkin does not criticize the war itself, but the way it is being waged. “He says that it needs to be done much more aggressively, with the full mobilization of the entire population and the like. He complains about the bad war strategy written by the General Staff, criticizes Minister of Defense Shoigu,” the head of “Bellingcat” drew attention and noted that this is apparently what the intelligence department of the aggressor’s General Staff thinks, although, according to Grozev, “inside the structure itself there may be disagreements.”

Professor Boris Babin in this dimension points to Girkin’s main narrative in the criminal “need for mobilization”. He points out that under the conditions of the “official” war and mobilization, which the terrorist Girkin stubbornly publicly proposes to the Kremlin, “the Russian military must obviously get its own functionality, and the current Russian power system will simply obviously fall like a house of cards during artillery shelling.”

After all, Babin adds, “the Kremlin obviously sees the main risk of“ official ”mobilization not as its own population or economic consequences, but precisely as the fact that the“ supreme power ”will partly be given to the Russian military, who are tainted up to their ears in international crimes, which the Kremlin will never voluntarily return they don’t want to”.

So, the expert of the Association concludes, “the Kremlin categorically does not want a large-scale mobilization, but it is its Russian military who are striving, as a unique chance to“ turn the chessboard ”and maybe hit someone on the temple with it. Of course, not out of love for Ukraine or democracy, but in their own selfish interests.”

And therefore, Professor Babin points out, “Girkin’s show”, which, by a “strange coincidence”, was heading precisely to the territory of the occupied Kherson region, where the Russian military have relative “freedom” of their bloody hands, comparing not only with Russia or the occupied Crimea, but even with the FSB and the “party nomenklatura” impregnated in Luhansk or Donetsk, it can have very interesting customers.”

We would add that on the morning of August 14, Girkin posted on social networks that “he will certainly be at the front,” but “not right now.”