Currently, the occupiers-controlled “Crimean media” are actively spreading, “on the occasion of the City Day in Yalta”, the information that the resort, occupied by the Russian invaders, is allegedly in the “top” of their ratings with “easy access to sex”.

Obviously, it is difficult for the aggressor’s propaganda to come up with any other “attractions” of the city, where the occupiers in recent years managed to cause not only the general degradation of the infrastructure and numerous general criminal scandals, but also the total collapse, caused by a series of floods and other cataclysms with negligence of local “administration”.

However, the recent scandals have become characteristic in this regard in the neighboring occupied Sevastopol, caused by the spread of the business of “sea brothels” in it, where local “businessmen” directly offer to “resort guests” a specific “unforgettable vacation” on “closed from third-party beaches”.
Also, the other day, one of the Sevastopol “entertainment establishments” “distinguished itself” by organizing a public sexual act right at the bar, the video of which immediately began to be widely distributed on social networks by the local “independent bloggers”.

Such “creative PR” of local business “unexpectedly” caused indignation among some collaborators as allegedly “unheard of blasphemy in the city of Russian glory”, and it also became a tool of “political activity” already for certain Kremlin groups.

After that, the participants of the show were “detained by the police”, paid “bloggers” became “suspects for spreading pornography”, and the aggressor’s State Duma quickly registered a bill on criminal liability for sexual intercourse in a public place.

Incidentally, let us add that in the sudden occupiers’ “struggle for morality” ignore the fact that in both Crimea and Sevastopol since 2021, even according to the “official statistics” of the aggressor, the birth rate is not only extremely low, but also doubled for the first time since 2014 mortality rate.