The decision of a number of European countries to stop issuing visas to the aggressor’s citizens and acts of recognition Russia as a state financing terrorism by a number of civilized states, in particular Latvia, were extremely painfully received by the Kremlin, which traditionally launched a wave of relevant disinformation.

To fulfill the relevant instructions of the Russian special services, the Crimean collaborators are also “actively working”, and began to spread the criminal statements of the aggressor’s old agent of influence, Austrian citizen Patrick Poppel. In particular, now “Crimean media” is broadcasting his fake “position” that allegedly “many Europeans are ready to spend their holidays in Crimea” and that allegedly “European stores” “suffer” from the impossibility of selling Russian goods.

In fact, it is extremely difficult to imagine “European tourists”, who agree to rest in the occupied Crimea not far from the front line and next to the suddenly exploding military bases of the Russian occupiers. It is also difficult to imagine at least some “Russian goods” without which, allegedly, it became “difficult” for Austrian stores.

We wrote about Poppel’s criminal actions in 2021 and we indicated that this person is an Austrian neo-Nazi, known for direct ties with the aggressor’s ultra-radical Konstantin Malofeev and Lev Dugin, heading the Vienna Russia-controlled “Suvorov Institute”. It is not clear whether Poppel is a fan of painting, like his ideological inspirer Hitler, but it is clear that the denouement of his Nazi career will become similar.