Russian invaders’ Attempts to form an occupation regime in the areas of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions close to the Crimea remain ineffective and lead to further degradation of the socio-economic and humanitarian situation in these territories. Now it is reported about the criminal delivery of teachers from Russia to Melitopol by the Russian occupiers, about the absence of household gas and mobile communications in the occupied territories, and about problems with electricity supply.

Under such conditions, the illegal promises of the aggressor to hold fake “referendums” with a criminal attempt to annex Ukrainian territories, repeatedly repeated for propaganda purposes, played a cruel joke on the occupiers. After all, the invaders will obviously not be able to make a “beautiful picture” of an allegedly “happy life” in Kherson or Melitopol before the announced “referendum date” in September, nor to ensure control over the territory of the corresponding regions of Ukraine.

In such circumstances, the Russian occupiers are left with “imitation of violent activity”, which, among other things, is embodied in all sorts of “visits” and the exchange of “experience”. For example, on August 12, another “delegation” from the occupied Sevastopol arrived in Melitopol, captured by the aggressor, headed by the fake “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev, who signed yet another criminal and fictitious “cooperation agreements” with local collaborators.

At the same time, the appropriate atmosphere on the day of Razvozhaev’s “visit” in Melitopol was formed due to the explosion that injured Oleg Shostak, the head of the criminal “public relations department” of the fake invaders’ “administration”. It is expected that this is far from the last “clap” that will be heard by the Russian invaders and their accomplices in the occupied territories of Ukraine.