Recently the active coverage by the aggressor of the activities of the Russian “journalist” Olga Armyakova was noticed, in the aggressor-occupied regions of Moldova, the so-called “Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic”.

Prior to this, the Russian invaders’ specified propagandist, Armyakova, repeatedly acted as a “site moderator” on the so-called “annual direct lines” with Vladimir Putin. She also prepared propaganda materials about both of Russia’s gas “northern streams” and she also carried out subversive pro-Russian work in Uzbekistan.

At the same time, Armyakova was especially “marked” by her criminal leadership during the period when for several years she unlawfully “led the correspondent office” of the “All-Russian State Television and Radio Company” and the channels “Russia” and “Russia 24” in the occupied Crimea.

For this illegal activity in support of the aggressor, Armyakov, in particular, was “encouraged” by the fake “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov in the so-called “competition” “Journalist of the Year – 2016” with the receipt of the “Grand Prix” from the key Crimean collaborator. “Journalistic articles” by Armyakova about alleged “overcoming the water crisis in Crimea” by the invaders were distributed by Russian propaganda in 2020 as well.

Now Armyakova’s adventures in Moldova are not limited to its occupied part, since this propagandist, as a “journalist” for the aggressor TV channel “Russia 24”, interviewed former President of Moldova Igor Dodon during his stay under house arrest. Thus, Armyakova violated the government decree on accreditation of representatives of foreign media in Moldova.

Having relatives in Tiraspol, Armyakova arrived in advance, at the end of April of this year, in the Russia-occupied region, which coincided in time with a series of “terrorist attacks in Transnistria”. Armyakova actively covered these “acts of terror” in several propaganda TV spots, including anti-Ukrainian ones, for the Russian propaganda “information and analytical program” “Vesti Nedeli” with Dmitry Kiselev.

Interestingly, that the Russian invaders initially planned to provide a provocative “interview” with Dodon from the infamous aggressor propagandist Semyon Pegov, but then it was decided to involve Armyakova.
The purpose of the respective “interviews” with the Russian puppet Dodon, who is under house arrest on a criminal case of passive corruption, illicit enrichment, treason and financing of a political party by a criminal group, is not only the dissemination of Russian narratives by the ex-president of Moldova himself.

This is also an attempt by the Russian special services to discredit authorized Moldovan structures, the Information and Security Service and the Bureau of Migration and Asylum, which supposedly “failed” to ensure the proper regime of Dodon’s house arrest.

Consequently, the Russian “journalist” is now “successfully using” in Moldova the experience of subversive activities and provocations gained in the occupied Crimea.

In addition, we recall that a number of “Transnistrian” politicians contribute to the spread of the relevant anti-Ukrainian and anti-Moldovan propaganda of the Russian occupiers, actively using their Ukrainian passports and the opportunities they provide for movement.

We are talking, in particular, about the “Pridnestrovian” head Vadim Krasnoselsky, the current Tiraspol’s “head of the government”, Alexander Rosenberg, and “foreign minister” Vitaly Ignatiev.