After the August 9 explosions at the invaders’ military airfield near Novofedorivka, Saksky district, a number of Crimean collaborators clearly decided that “negative PR is better than none”.

In particular, as part of the fake “rescue of the population” from the consequences of extremely unpleasant events for the aggressor at the aforementioned naval aviation base of the Black Sea Fleet of the occupiers, the “media” controlled by the Russian invaders are “spinning” the fake “deputy” of the occupied Crimea, Yury Vetokha.

Since 2014, Vetoha started criminal cooperation with the occupiers and he was registered with them first as a fictitious “deputy of the Yevpatoriya town council” and then, since 2018, as the aforementioned fake “deputy of the state council” from the “United Russia” party.

It is noteworthy that Vetoha, as a former businessman with a physical sport education and with his extensive connections in the criminal world, has been an aggressor involved in attempts to criminally promote the “Crimean agenda” in Europe since 2015 in the role of “functionary” of the so-called “Crimean Football Union” and “Football Academy of Crimea”.

However, the aforementioned scams of the aggressor with “Crimean football” as of the summer of 2022 have failed completely, and therefore the occupiers are apparently “turning” Vetokha to a new direction. After all, as reported by some occupiers-controlled “media”, the aggressor considers this collaborator as another fake “mayor” of Yevpatoria from the Russian invaders, the fourth since 2014.