As our Association has already reported, one of the consequences of large-scale Russian aggression was the “church schism” obviously initiated by the Kremlin in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, when the Crimean dioceses uncanonically announced their alleged “withdrawal from the subordination of the Kyiv Metropolis”.

At the same time, the “special complexity” of the situation in the occupied territories of the south of mainland Ukraine was stated, to which the Russian invaders also criminally plan to expand the “parade of disobedience” to Kyiv. As part of the “linking” of the church structures of the occupied Crimea and the Kherson region, the aggressor-controlled Crimean Metropolis created a “special humanitarian center”, moreover, on the basis of the so-called “diocesan department for interaction with the armed forces and law enforcement agencies”.

Archpriest Dimitry Krotkov, the most active supporter of the “Russian world”, who since 2005 has been responsible for the “church nurture of the Crimean Cossacks”, will “lead” this “department”. It was Krotkov who, since 2014, has been engaged in the interaction of the Crimean diocese and the occupiers’ punitive structures, as well as propaganda work on “providing assistance to Donbass.”

It is noteworthy that since the spring of 2022, Krotkov has also been involved by the Russian invaders in the field of indoctrination of Ukrainian prisoners of war placed by the aggressor in the occupied Crimea, and in the preparation of relevant propaganda stories.

According to the invaders’ propaganda, as part of the activities of the Russian special services, whose weapon is Krotkov, “the other day, Father Dmitry returned from a trip to the Kherson region, where he delivered icons of various belongings, oil lamps and other items of church utensils.”