As already reported, the criminal “policy” of the Russian invaders in the occupied south of mainland Ukraine in the propaganda dimension announces its own prospect of holding criminal “referendums”.
At the same time, individual experts evaluate the indicated statements, first of all, in terms of criminal blackmail and requests for informational influence on the population.

This is confirmed by the practically criminal measures of attempted annexation of districts of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, which the occupiers have been consistently carrying out over the past month, “without waiting” for any fake “referendums”.

Most of these measures are connected with Russian occupiers’ forcing the population to “passportize”, since the Russian invaders criminally promise to take away the property of land shares’ owners of in the conditions of “absence of a Russian passport”, and also link “passportization” with the fake “issuance of Russian car numbers”.

Also, the occupiers “directly” form criminal “regional Russian authorities”, primarily punitive structures, in the occupied territories of the southern mainland of Ukraine. One of these illegal “innovations” was the criminal “formation” by the occupiers in the Zaporizhzhya region of fake “customs and phytosanitary services”, “following the example” of the aggressor state.

In fact, the Russian occupiers thus strive to put under full control the looting of the new occupied territories, since for the criminal transfer to the occupied Crimea, and in the future to Russia, the looted products now require fictitious “customs declaration” and “phytosanitary certificate” from fake “controlling bodies”.

However, “locally” everything is “resolved in a different way”, since, for example, in the Oleshky town, a number of Crimean and Russian drivers turned out to be blocked together with their transport at the enterprise, where they illegally arrived to export stolen products, but became “hostages” of “business conflict” between different groups of occupiers.

Being in the “black” zone of occupation and lawlessness, these “hostages” only had to post a “video appeal” on social networks with a “request for help”.