Vitaly Solonchak
In mid-June of this year, the fake “government” of the occupied Crimea defiantly “exploded with threats” against the same fictitious “Feodosia authorities”. On June 17, Viktor Krasyukov, the so-called “mayor” of the Feodosia village of Koktebel, was “dismissed”. On the same day, the self-proclaimed “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov announced the simultaneous “dismissal of the Feodosia leadership” in “full force”.

The puppet “head of Crimea” “set the tasks” for the so-called “ministries”, “departments” and “public figures” to resolve “specific issues” by June 22, without specifying them. Aksyonov also noted that he had discussed with the fake “Chairman of the State Council” Vladimir Konstantinov the “performance of the work” of the Feodosia “deputy corps” of the invaders.

A few days later, on June 20, Sergei Aksyonov gave the criminal “Chairman of the Feodosiya administration” Andrey Lebedev a month to “build a management system”, threatening otherwise with appropriate “personnel decisions”.

Further, it turned out that the “mayor” of Feodosia Andrei Lebedev, whom the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov threatened with a “penal battalion”, wanted to “keep his position” through the efforts of more than a thousand Crimean athletes and students of the “universities” of the occupied peninsula, who were urgently driven to the town to help “deputies” and “communal services” in “solving the problems of improvement, water supply, sewerage, lighting, garbage disposal” and the like.

In the usual style, Aksyonov during the next meeting unfoundedly promised to “solve the issue of medical care” by “optimal reduction of beds and space” and “no later than December 2024”.

Another “topical issue” was the removal of a railway line that runs along the sea to the cargo port outside the town – in the same place where the railway was built at the end of the 19th century on the initiative of the marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. Now it “turned out” that the “tourist development” of the occupied town is allegedly limited by this particular branch – and allegedly “not at all” by Russian aggression, international sanctions, a full-scale war against Ukraine, launched at the end of the winter of 2022.
But if, according to the new utopias from the occupiers, when the railway is moved outside Feodosia, then the town, according to Aksenov, will “live”. Also during the “meeting”, the issue of construction and reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities, which is traditionally sore for Feodosia and the region in years of Russian occupation, was raised, but even without “specific promises”.

On July 27, after a meeting with the “head of Crimea”, Andrei Lebedev, without waiting for unpleasant consequences for himself (and, possibly, for his four children), “on the recommendation” of the occupation gauleiter, wrote a “resignation letter of his own free will” from a fake “position”, which took a little over seven months. It is noteworthy that back in June 2018, Lebedev, who at that time headed the Feodosia “department” of the invaders-captured “Krymkhleb” enterprise, turning to the “head of Crimea” for help, called him “godfather”.

Two days after Lebedev’s “resignation”, Yulia Nekrasova, a 39-year-old native of the city of Novoaleksandrovsk in the Stavropol Territory, was “appointed” as the so-called “interim acting head of the Feodosiya administration”, who until 2020 had nothing to do with either Crimea or “self-government”. As a student, Nekrasova worked as an assistant teacher at kindergarten No. 54 “Zhemchuzhinka” in Stavropol; in 2007, after graduating from the Stavropol State Agrarian University with a degree in “Vocational Education in Environmental Protection and Nature Management”, she moved to the position of an educator, and then the head of kindergarten No. 3 “Zvezdochka”.

In 2008-2012, Yulia Nekrasova was vice-rector for educational work of the Stavropol Chursin Institute, in 2014-2016 – deputy director for educational work and public relations of the Stavropol Humanitarian and Technical College. In 2016-2020, Nekrasova worked as a senior methodologist at the city information and methodological center of Stavropol, after which she went on a sudden “promotion” to the occupied Crimea – to the “position” of the fake “head of the Feodosia department of culture of the administration”, and in January 2022 for the so-called “deputy head of the Feodosiya administration”.

How Mrs. Nekrasova ended up in Crimea, and for what “outstanding services” she was “appointed” to “high positions” in the occupational structures of the Feodosian “authority” and to whom these “services” she actually rendered – a question to which there is no exact answer yet.

As for Andrei Lebedev, he was “elected” as the so-called “head of the Feodosiya administration” on December 10, 2021, during a fake “extraordinary session of the city council.” Andrey Lebedev, born in 1984 in Donetsk, graduated from Donetsk National Technical University in 2007 with a degree in “Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive”; he previously worked as a forwarding driver, instrumentation and automation fitter, sales agent.

After receiving a diploma of higher education, Lebedev was a marketer and head of several LLCs. In 2014, after the start of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, Lebedev, allegedly “left on the street”, left his hometown and moved to the occupied Crimea. Since 2015, he has been living in Feodosia, where, as already mentioned, he was the so-called “director” of the town branch of the “Krymkhleb” enterprise, as well as a fake “deputy of the town council of the second convocation in single-mandate constituency No. 7” from the “United Russia” party.

In the same way, after a “heartfelt conversation” with the “head of Crimea” Aksenov, the fake “position” of the so-called “chairman of the Feodosiya administration” was also left by Andrey Lebedev’s “predecessor”, Sergei Bovtunenko, who “held” it from February to October 5, 2019 and from 30 October 2019 to October 26, 2021. Prior to his “appointment”, Bovtunenko held a fictitious “position” of the so-called “chairman of the village council” in Nasypne, where in 2005-2014 he worked in self-government bodies; after the start of the occupation of the Crimea, he became the criminal “secretary of the primary branch” of the “United Russia” party.

Being still a fake “acting head of the Feodosiya administration”, Sergey Bovtunenko at the end of January 2019 took one of the first “serious managerial steps” typical for representatives of the Crimean occupation “local self-government”, namely, he recommended town entrepreneurs to “cover their objects” banners of the so-called “patriotic” content with the aggressor’s propaganda, in order to give them a criminal “aesthetic appearance”.

On February 20, 2019, less than a week after his criminal “election as the head of the Feodosiya town administration”, Sergey Bovtunenko complained that the “budget” of the occupied town had received 367.9 million rubles less in “rent payments for land and municipal property” as of the beginning of the year , as well as 24.7 million rubles for the “rent of property”. At the same time, the same Bovtunenko characterized the Feodosia “budget” as allegedly “deficit-free”.

Sergei Bovtunenko took over the “chair” of the fake “head of the Feodosiya town administration” as a result of criminal “personnel reshuffles”, which have already become traditional for the occupied town. On December 13, 2018, the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, during a “meeting on problematic issues” of Feodosia, threatened to “completely restart” the fake “town administration”.

On January 15, 2019, Aksyonov announced his “proposal” to write “letters of resignation” to the previous “head of administration” Sergei Fomich and the so-called “head of the municipality” Vladimir Titarenko. Instead, they were “appointed acting” – the aforementioned Sergei Bovtunenko and Anzhela Serdyukova. The reasons for the “dismissal of the leaders of the authorities” of Feodosia, the criminal “head of Crimea” called “imbalance in the actions of the legislative and executive authorities”.

For now, it remains to accept bets – how long will the fake “interim head of the Feodosiya administration” Yulia Nekrasova last in her “chair” and what “sins” will be hanged on her in case of an unexpected “resignation”.

The indicative rapid change of fake “leaders” of the occupied town, which has recently acquired a tendency to reduce the time interval, of course, does not lead to a solution to the problems of Feodosia, which remain relevant during the years of occupation – banal cleaning and garbage disposal, road repair, sewerage, destruction and the barbaric “restoration” of cultural heritage sites, and so on.

The townspeople have to “have fun” except perhaps a show with “punishment and rewarding”, which once every few months during his tour is shown to them by the criminal “big man from the republican center”.

So far, one can only note the invariance of the most “convenient for the Kremlin” Aksenov for more than eight years of occupation – however, it is quite obvious that the iron grating will be a guaranteed decoration for the next period of the life of fake “head of the republic”, of course, in the case when there will be no other, more radical adventures on his life path.