On August 4, Russian invaders-controlled “media resources”, as well as “talking heads” of the Russian aggressors in occupied Kherson and Simferopol, began to report the “sudden illness” of a key Kherson collaborator, Volodimir Saldo.

The nature of such messages immediately assumed the guise of tragicomism, since in tone and content it resembled Soviet children’s books about “chiefs’ diseases”. For example, at first it was stated on behalf of the defendant himself that Saldo allegedly “decided to be hospitalized” after a “personal request” about this from the fake “minister of health”, who apparently was able to determine the diagnosis of his “supervisor” “visually” and directly “during the meeting”.

Further, the occupiers stated that Saldo’s illness was allegedly the result of his “excessive overload” in recent months, but at the same time, versions of “stroke”, “poisoning” and “coronavirus’ consequences” were voiced from different sources.

In the future, the occupation Crimean “media resources” began to spread statements about the transportation of Saldo from Kherson to the Simferopol hospital, and then – by plane from the Belbek airfield to the Moscow hospital, about the serious condition of the collaborator and about his induction into a medical coma.

It is noteworthy that after this the criminal “colleague” of Saldo, Kirill Stremousov, declared that with his accomplice in the fake “administration” allegedly “almost everything is fine”, and that the medical coma of Saldo is… “light”.

Relative to the actual ones based on the sudden hospitalization of Saldo, it is obvious that the Russian aggressors do not trust the hospitals of the occupied territories, including Crimea, with its supposedly “fantastic level of medicine”, about which the aggressor’s propaganda constantly lies, in such “political issues”.