According to the occupiers-controlled “Crimean media”, after heavy rains, the condition of the Yalta-Bakhchisarai highway, from the village of Sokoline in the Bakhchisarai District to Mount Ai-Petri, has significantly worsened.

Judging by the published footage, this mountain serpentine has received large-scale destruction, including collapses of the road and retaining walls, and in fact requires construction anew.

It is noteworthy that a landslide threatened the destruction of the road in these sections for last several years, to which the occupiers reacted simply by “blocking the road” and “scheduling its repair for 2023.”
It is interesting that the Russian occupiers explain the destruction of the road not by their own negligence, and not by embezzled “funds for repairs”, but solely by the fact that “local residents continued to drive along the dangerous road after it was closed”, who allegedly “removed restrictive signs and blocks”.

It is worth adding that on August 4, near Russia-occuped Sevastopol, on the “section of the Tavrida highway” recently opened by the invaders, there was a mass accident with casualties, the probable culprit of which was the driver of a car trailer transporting stolen grain to the port.