On August 5, Russian propaganda suddenly began to spread allegedly “new information” about the case of “Scythian gold” in the Netherlands, where six months ago the aggressor appealed in cassation the decision of the Dutch courts on the need to hand over the collection to the Ukrainian authorities.

Now Russian occupiers-controlled “Crimean bloggers” are spreading “new data” that these Ukrainian historical artifacts were allegedly “not registered” by the fake aggressor’s “authorities” after the beginning of the occupation of Crimea and “were not cataloged”, hinting at the fact that allegedly “because of these circumstances” the aggressor is expected to finally lose the case in The Hague.

At the same time, those “bloggers” published a letter from the fake “deputy minister of culture” of the criminal “Crimean government” of the occupiers Tatyana Manezhina in 2019 to “subordinate institutions”, in which she “considers it expedient to postpone the registration of the specified museum exhibits” until “the final decision on them is made at the international level”.

So far, the occupiers are allegedly “conducting an investigation” on the specified issues, with the obvious goal of “searching for extremes”. At the same time, as it is reported by the occupiers’ “conspiracy sources”, Manezhina allegedly “refers to the interrogations” on the verbal instruction “not to register” the exhibits from the then-time fake “Minister of culture” of Crimea Aryna Novoseltseva, who has been for a long time close to the “Seylem” criminal clan of Sergei Aksyonov.

On the other hand, Novoseltseva, who is very close to the fake “head of the Crimea”, about whose corruption adventures our Association wrote a lot, is now in a Moscow pre-trial detention center, and she allegedly “witnesses” to Russian punishers about a similar instruction “not to register anything until the decisions of international courts” from the then-time Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.
In fact, there is nothing new in these “sudden revelations” from the Russian special services, because in the “Scythian gold” case, the aggressor took the position from the very beginning that the artifacts should be allegedly returned to the abstract “Crimean owners”, avoiding the “question of their jurisdiction”. But such predictable tactics turned out to be unsuccessful, and now the Kremlin wants to find those responsible for this painful informational and legal defeat.

At the same time, “problems” arose not only with the former instructor of the Crimean regional committee of the Komsomol, Manezhina, but also with the notorious Medinsky, who since February 28, 2022 played the role of “head of the Russian delegation at the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine”, which is an interesting symptom of the continuation of the struggle for power in the Kremlin between different aggressor’s groups.