The situation with the fall of the “Crimean economy” is becoming so acute that even “core institutions” occupiers-controlled, such as “Krymstat”, are forced to admit it.

In particular, even the “official statistics” from this “department” indicate that more than 40% of “Crimean enterprises” are now operating at significant losses, and if in 2021 the “total unprofitability” in Crimea was 1.6 billion rubles, then in 2022 – already 2.7 billion rubles.

At the same time, in 2022, according to the occupiers’ “statistics”, the criminal “tourist flow” to the peninsula allegedly decreased by 40%, despite the fact that in practical terms the situation is much more acute, and the “official data” of the aggressor is usually out of touch with reality.

For example, in 2021, Russian occupiers announced the illegal arrival of 9.5 million “tourists” in Crimea, and then in 2022 there “should be” 4 million of them, which is obviously not the case, since the “account of vacationers” in a situation of large-scale war is not in the millions, and a maximum of thousands.

In such circumstances, the statements of the fake “authorities” of Crimea about the creation by them from August 4 of a “working group to ensure the safe conduct of the holiday season of 2022” from fake “officials” and invaders’ “punishers” should be considered as tragicomic. This group, slightly “late” with the “start of the season”, among other things, should deal with “issues of patrolling the Black Sea” and other “interesting” things.

As even the occupiers-controlled media report “consolingly” on this occasion, “we hope that … the consequences will not be so terrible”.